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About future administration of municipal nursery school

Final update date March 6, 2019

In Yokohama-shi, childcare facilities in the city cooperate and work on "improvement of quality of childcare" for healthy growth of child.
At present, childcare needs are diversifying and the situation surrounding childcare is changing, so in the future, municipal nursery schools and private nursery schools will have their respective roles and work to provide higher quality childcare. is needed.
For this reason, in Yokohama City, 54 of the municipal nursery schools currently in operation are designated as "network secretariat gardens" (*), and the municipal nursery schools that have become network secretariat gardens are private nursery schools. We work on improvement of quality of childcare in cooperation with.
About municipal nursery school except "network secretariat garden", we will examine as target of private transfer in future.

※Network Secretariat: A nursery school with a network dedicated nursery staff will be assigned to serve as a “link” with local private nursery schools, etc., and will play a role in improving the quality of childcare throughout childcare facilities.

About administration of future municipal nursery school (PDF: 223KB)
Basic policy about "the way of municipal nursery school" (PDF: 907KB)

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