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To person who wish to use nursery schools in 2021

Nursery schools are facility, business such as ... authorization nursery school, Center for Early Childhood Education and Care (use of childcare), homey childcare business, small childcare business, childcare business in office (local frame).

Last update date March 1, 2021

We publish usage guidance, style to person who wish to use nursery schools in 2021 in this page.
In addition, please give me procedure kinitsuiteogo * when we want to use kindergarten if you would like to use kindergarten, Center for Early Childhood Education and Care (use of education).

1.Usage guidances such as 2021 Yokohama-shi nursery schools

As you list in usage guidance about payment certification applications such as nursery schools in Yokohama-shi, procedure, required documents about the use application, you read contents well, and please apply.

Usage guidances (PDF: 4,626KB) such as 2021 Yokohama-shi nursery schools

※ Other than this usage guidance, please refer to usage guidances such as nursery schools of each ward version.
We move to page of each ward when we click ward name of "inquiry" of this page lower part as we publish nursery schools of each ward version in page of each ward about usage guidance.

We distribute usage guidance at ward offices from Monday, October 12, 2020.
For details, please see list of distribution places (PDF: 244KB).

※About foreign language version, please download the following.
(English) 2021 FY Guide to Kindergartens and Nursery Facilities in Yokohama (PDF: 135KB)
(zhongwen) 滨 shiyo* 园, hoikushotonyu*yubinan (PDF: 374KB) wide in 2021
(Hangul) 2021년도요코하마시어린이집, 유치원등이용안내 (PDF: 339KB)
(Português) Informações sobre a utilização de Jardins de Infância,Creches, etc, da cidade de Yokohama para o ano fiscal de 2021 (PDF: 256KB)
(Tagalog) Taong 2021 Gabay Sa Paggamit Sa Kindergarten, Nursery at iba pa sa Yokohama City (PDF: 251KB)
(Tiếng Việt)Hướng dẫn vềviệc sửdụng trường mẫu giáo vàcơsởtrông giữtrẻcủa Thành phốYokohama năm 2021 (Tiếng Việt) (PDF: 271KB)

2. Style necessary for 2021 application

About the handling of seal such as application documents

In Motoichi, we dispense with signature and seal about documents necessary for application such as nursery schools and decide to demand only signature. (from the March 1, 2021 acceptance)
In addition, please note that there is information for signature and seal to each application document at present.

※When application contents have falsehood (including forgery, manipulation of submission documents), we may cancel payment authorization and the use (including informal appointment of the use).

(1)Style that all is more necessary

(A)Payment authorization application (PDF: 1,157KB)
(A)Payment authorization application [entry example] (PDF: 1,496KB)
(A)Payment authorization application [Easy Japanese oyster person] (PDF: 1,024KB)
(B)The use application (business such as nursery schools) (PDF: 1,135KB)
(B)The use application (business such as nursery schools) [entry example] (PDF: 1,039KB)
(B)The use application (business such as nursery schools) [Easy Japanese oyster person] (PDF: 1,273KB)

 ※When there is desired facility, business more than nine places; ... [facility, business that wish to use] attached sheet (PDF: 593KB)

(A)We can make payment authorization application, use of (B) application (business such as nursery schools) on the Internet using PC. [establishment period: for from Monday, January 4, 2021 to Wednesday, February 10]
※On application, we print applications which we made, and there is need to have you seal applicant full name column.
※We reopen by deficient corrections and, about making, saved data, may not reuse. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.
 ⇒2021 nursery schools about making on the Internet of entrance application documents

(D)My number entry paper (PDF: 347KB)
(D)My number entry paper [entry example] (PDF: 654KB)
My number identity verification documents pasting mount (PDF: 795KB)
Submission documents' confirmation vote (PDF: 744KB)

(2)Documents (in the case of working) which prove that we need childcare

[Yokohama-shi style] Working (plan) certificate (PDF: 608KB)
[Yokohama-shi style] Working (plan) certificate (Excel: 597KB)
[Yokohama-shi style] Working (plan) certificate (word: 66KB)
[Yokohama-shi style] Working (plan) certificate (PDF: 1,658KB) (entry example)
[standard style] Working (plan) certificate (Excel: 44KB)

About seal such as working certificates

In Motoichi, we arrange seal column in employer (business owner) entry column about working certificates, but dispense with seal. (from the March 1, 2021 acceptance)

When company name makes working certificates signed the name on without permission or we modified, we may cancel payment authorization and the use (including informal appointment of the use) as thing with falsehood in application contents.

In addition, it is thought that each crime can be established when it is admitted that we correspond to constitution requirements of this case, existence mark forgery of a private document punishment, existence mark private document forgery punishment or I electromagnetic record injustice construction in an overhanging style punishment.

Rearranging (PDF: 1,515KB) about establishment of crime when we submitted electronically when we omitted seal about Cabinet Office working certificate or

In addition, please note that you may refer to employer (business owner) for the items mentioned such as working certificates.

※Please be careful※
●For working, the use such as nursery schools is hoped for, and working (plan) certificate is style to prove the working situation.
●Employed person, please receive proof from company.
●Employed person can have you use working certificate replacing with [Yokohama-shi style] working certificate [standard style]. We do not have effect to examination by difference in style. (Yokohama-shi nursery schools incorporate [Yokohama-shi style] working certificate in usage guidance and distribute.)
●When we apply in brothers at the same time, it is not necessary to have you prepare for several working (plan) certificates. Please attach copy to application of big child in the original for application of the youngest child each. (please fill in that you attach the original to the youngest child on copy.)
●When you perform the use application, please confirm usage guidances such as Yokohama-shi nursery schools by all means.

(3) Style that is necessary when we hope for the preferential handling of child of nursery staff

Written oath about nursery staff working and certificate (PDF: 272KB)
※Way includes working entry column. Please submit after having received proof of working.

 About introduction of the preferential handling of child of <nursery staff>
In Yokohama-shi, we push forward maintenance of child-care facility, business as waiting-list child measures and become urgent problem about securing of nursery staff. In addition, it is common problem of each metropolitan area city in particular, and, about securing of nursery staff, it is assumed that we will be in a more difficult situation in future.
Because it is thought that it makes securing of nursery staff difficult that nursery schools are not available to children of nursery staff, we are living in Yokohama-shi and introduce the preferential handling for children of nursery staff working in nursery school in Yokohama-shi from the use adjustment in April, 2018.

(4) Other styles

(5) Person during parental leave now

Please confirm the following documents.
Toward the parental leave average (PDF: 463KB)

(6) Person who applied for reason to need childcare during "job hunting"

Please confirm the following documents.
To person who applied during "job hunting" (PDF: 332KB)

(7) Person who reports brothers having many children reduction

(8) Person who wish to prove that it is reservation

When we file for parental leave benefits, "documents proving that we were not able to enter nursery schools" may be necessary.

In Yokohama-shi, we apply for the use such as nursery schools and issue "reservation notification" to reserved person. When proof ("reservation certificate") of being reservation sequentially is necessary for person who received grant of "reservation notification" separately, please submit "reservation proof grant application" to ward office Children and Families Support Division.

Reservation proof grant application (PDF: 241KB)

In addition, please refer to the office person in charge or Hello Work for procedure for parental leave benefit.


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The south045-341-1149045-341-1145
Green leaves045-978-2428045-978-2422

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