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About correspondence such as nursery schools pertaining to new coronavirus infectious disease measures (as of April 1, 2021)

Final update date April 1, 2021

1 Regarding the response of nursery schools after the release of the emergency declaration

 The first emergency declaration (April 2020) was canceled on May 25, 2020, but in Motoichi, until June 30, 2020, we requested that nursery schools refrain from entering the park. I have been. From June, along with strengthening infectious disease countermeasures, Motoichi has been working on realizing economic revival, and elementary school student, and the number of nursery schools has increased.
 Therefore, the request for self-restraint from Motoichi will end on June 30, and the handling of reduction of usage fee (childcare fee) according to the number of days that you did not enter the park will also end. However, depending on the situation of the new coronavirus infection in the future, you may be asked to refrain from going to the park again. In addition, in the second emergency declaration (January 2021), the city does not request self-restraint of nursery schools.
 At nursery schools, etc., childcare will be carried out in consideration of the "new lifestyle" indicated by the government, and we are also reviewing regular events, etc., so please understand .
 In addition, in order to prevent the new coronavirus infection, parents and guardians are requested to cooperate in confirming their physical condition and hygiene.

2 About health management when going to a nursery school

  • When going to a nursery school, measure the child's body temperature at home before going to the park, and if you have respiratory symptoms such as fever or cough, do not go to the park and watch the situation at home.
  • Look at the progress of your fever at home. More than 24 hours after the fever has dropped, and watch at home without going to the park until respiratory symptoms improve.
  • Please keep in mind your child's health after entering the park.
  • DetailsNational Notice (External Site)Please see.

3 About closed days such as nursery schools

  • If an infected child is attending the park with symptoms such as fever or cough, a part or all of the nursery schools may be temporarily closed as Yokohama City.
  • About request of self-restraint to go to kindergarten with correspondence at the time of patient outbreak, we judge conduct based on findings of jurisdiction department of infectious disease measures of Yokohama-shi.
  • DetailsNational Notice (External Site)Please see.

 In addition, please see the following about way of thinking of correspondence of Motoichi when related person becoming positive of new coronavirus infectious disease appears in nursery school in the city.

4 About the use of nursery schools (one who is already in the park, one who decided to use in March or April 2021)

(1)About use charges such as nursery schools

 Based on April 8, 2020, "Use of nursery schools, etc. due to the issuance of an emergency declaration", etc., those who have refrained from entering the park from April 8 to June 30, and requests from Yokohama City In the case of "avoiding to go to the park" or "closed at a nursery school", if the number of days of absence (closed) is one day or more, the usage fee will be calculated on a pro-rated basis.
 Authorized nursery schools, nursery school-linked certified children's schools, community-based childcare business, and Yokohama nursery rooms will be required to pay the full usage fee for the current month, but will be calculated on a pro-rated basis at a later date and refunded.
 In addition, please see the following link for the details such as procedures.
Usage fee (childcare fee) for April to June 2020

(2)About authorization of childcare

 Please see the link below for the handling in 2021. (Updated February 19, 2021)
 Handling of benefits certified for new coronavirus infection (FY2021)

About use adjustment such as 5 nursery schools (one applying for use such as nursery schools for employment)

  • When employment results are decreasing
In connection with the new coronavirus infection, if the employment performance etc. has decreased due to the following reasons, the workplace will be able to determine the reason for the decrease and the month of the decrease in the “12 Other Special Notes” column of the employment certificate. Please get a certificate from. ※Those who are self-employed are also eligible.
If you have any questions, please contact your ward office Children and Families Support Division if you have any questions.
 ・As a result of coordination with the workplace, the rest caused by the new coronavirus infection
 ・Holiday to see siblings at home in response to a request from the government to temporarily close elementary schools, junior high schools, high schools, etc.
  • About adjustment index "alternative means of childcare" (one during childcare leave)
"The Usage Application elementary school student for use is paid for a fee other than [Yokohama Nursery Room, Authorized Nursery School, Certified Children's Garden, Small Childcare Business, Home Care Business, etc.]. (Excluding temporary childcare only and paid for relatives.) "Adjustment index + 3 and" Application for use elementary school student are entrusted to Yokohama childcare room, small childcare business, home-based childcare business, etc. (Excluding the use of temporary childcare only.) Regarding the grant of the adjustment index + 1, it does not matter whether or not you can return to work at the time of application for use (application deadline).
For inquiries
Contents For inquiries
1 Regarding the response of nursery schools etc. following the issuance of the emergency declaration

Childcare and Education Administration Division
[About custody of kindergarten] 671-3564
[About extended childcare] 671-3564
[About temporary childcare business] 671-3564
[About Yokohama nursery room] 671-3564
Childcare and Education Certification Division
[About usage fee] 671-0255
Childcare and Educational Benefit Division
[Benefits and commissions] 671-0202/0204
Child care support section
[About school lunch] 671-23977
Childcare Measures Section
[About the year-limited childcare business] 671-4469

2 About health management when going to a nursery school
3 Thing about closed days such as nursery schools

Child and Youth Bureau Childcare and Education Management Division Operation and Guidance Section
Telephone: 045-671-3564
Fax: 045-664-54799
Email address: [email protected]

4 About the use of nursery schools
5 About adjustment of use of nursery schools

Consultation on specific "return from childcare leave (rounded up)" and postponement of "work start date" : Ward Office Children and Families Support Division 

Ward Office Children and Families Support Division Phone number ※Suburban code: 045


Phone number Ward Phone number
Tsurumi Ward 510-1816

Kanagawa Ward

Nishi Ward 320-8472 Naka Ward 224-8172
Minami Ward 341-11499 Konan Ward 847-8498
Hodogaya Ward 334-6397 Asahi Ward 954-6173
Isogo Ward 750-2435 Kanazawa Ward 788-7795
Kohoku Ward 540-2280 Midori Ward 930-2331
Aoba Ward 978-2428 Tsuzuki Ward   948-2463
Izumi Ward 800-2413 Sakae Ward 894-8463
Totsuka Ward 866-8467 Seya Ward 367-5782

General inquiries : Child and Youth Bureau Childcare and Education Certification Division
Telephone: 045-671-0253
Fax: 045-550-3942
Email address: [email protected]

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