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Information for people giving school lunch in childcare, educational facility

Last update date September 29, 2020

About "Japanese meal intake standard (2020 version)

Notice of Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare

About support guide of the nursing, weaning

Food allergy correspondence

The number of the food allergy elementary school student

Targeting at childcare, educational facilities of all the city, we perform allergic investigation into elementary school student entering.

The number of the elementary school student and ratio that are diagnosed as having food allergy
Classification 2017 2018 2019
Nursery school, Yokohama nersery room municipal in the authorization nursery schools 3,315 people 3,852 people 4,003 people
Ratio among the number of the entrance elementary school student 4.7% 5.7% 5.3%
*Child-care facility out of the authorization 203 people 251 people 76 people

As of each year June 1
The authorization nursery schools: The authorization nursery school, kindergartens and nursery schools cooperation type Center for Early Childhood Education and Care, local model childcare business
*As the being on the register roll number of people does not establish child-care facility out of the authorization, it is not included in calculation of ratio.

The false meal accident occurrence situation

When false meal accident occurred, we ask city for submission of "school lunch-related report".
We give information to each facility in the report and have you inflect for accident prevention as part of the training in garden.

The report acceptance number
Direct cause of false meal accident 2017 2018 2019 2020
Omission of confirmation at the time of menu making 2 1 5 1
Confirmation error at the time of interview with protector 0 0 0 0
Cooking error of member of cooking 2 7 2 0
Indication confirmation error of use food of member of cooking 10 8 7 1
Serving meals error of member of cooking 1 5 1 0
Serving meals error in nersery room 10 8 14 1
Mistake at the time of the nursing in nersery room 0 1 0 0
Transmission (attendance confirmation) mistake of member of cooking, nursery staff 1 1 1 0
Transmission (serving meals) mistake of member of cooking, nursery staff 5 5 3 0
Cooperation error at the time of extension 0 0 0 0
Unexpected act of child in nersery room 3 4 0 0
Others 0 2 2 0
Total 34 42 35 3

2020 as of the end of May, 2020



About offer of food in event

When we perform cooking of food and sale by events such as childcare, educational facility, we need report. As for the details, please see the following pages.
About report of event (festival, event) (Health and Social Welfare Bureau)

About import of meal to homey childcare business

Conduct of import of meal to homey childcare business in Yokohama-shi needs authorization of city

If "the regulations about standards such as facilities, administration such as Yokohama-shi homey childcare business" were revised in February, 2019, and city admitted that they were suitable, companies given cooking duties in trust in childcare, educational facility came to be able to carry in meal to domestic childcare business in Yokohama-shi.
Conduct of outside import of meal to homey childcare business needs consideration of hygiene side and nutrition side in, school lunch duties, consideration to offer, allergy of meal which accepted health condition for stage of age of the use infants and the development.
Conduct of import of meal to homey childcare business in Yokohama-shi needs authorization of city.

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