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Meal of childcare, educational facility

Last update date September 29, 2020

About school lunch of childcare, educational facility

Authorization nursery school, Center for Early Childhood Education and Care (use of childcare)

As for the under 3 years old child, 3 years or older child carries out side dishes school lunch only for side dish staple food (rice, bread) and complete lunch of side dishes (side dish, snacks, milk). In addition, there are nursery schools enforcing complete school lunch at all age.
As the details vary according to nursery schools, please refer to nursery schools which you wish to use (the actual expenses burden except fee produces 3 years or older child as staple food, vice-board).

Homey childcare business, small childcare business, childcare business in office (local frame)

Please confirm to facility, business about conduct of school lunch beforehand basically as (we accept import from the outside partly) which is to cook school lunch in facility serves homey childcare business when we have you bring lunch.

School lunch of municipal nursery school

We run under the cooperation system with home and area in big pillar of childcare and positioning, viewpoint of health promotion through life as base of healthy upbringing of child and take in nutrient which is necessary for growth of children per day in total in a good balance, and school lunch in nursery school provides safe, delicious school lunch.
In addition, we acquire how to eat or manner through experience of school lunch of every time and we take in seasonal ingredients and consider meal environment creation and food education enough to be able to eat various ingredients and dishes.

School lunch and quantity of nutrition to offer

School lunch and quantity of nutrition to offer
Age School lunch Quantity of nutrition to offer
0 years old child (baby food) 1-2 times of baby foods and milk Baby food depending on the development
Under 3 years old child The morning snacks, lunch, the afternoon snacks 50% of nutrition necessary per day
3 years or older child Lunch, the afternoon snacks 40% of nutrition necessary per day

*When we use extended childcare of 18:30-19:00, we offer around 10% of supplementary diet of quantity of necessary nutrition per day.

Feelings of menu

  • We do not use cooking artefact, frozen foods, precut salad and value process to make in taste, season basically.
  • It is natural uses (dried small sardines, shavings of dried bonito, kelp).
  • We handcraft curry roux.
  • All the vegetables heat-treat.
  • Fruit uses principle (except banana), domestic product.
  • We drain off the hot water after boiling artefacts such as ham or kamaboko and use.
  • It is menu of cycle for two weeks to be used to ingredients and recipe.

Response to food allergy

We make "food allergy correspondence manual in nursery school" in reference to "allergic correspondence guidelines in nursery school" on Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare in Yokohama-shi and have a talk with protector at garden to give safe school lunch and say with the perfection removal based on instructions (life management instruction table) of doctor.
We provide substitution as much as possible to take in nutrition necessary for growth, but may have you bring lunch from home when correspondence at garden is difficult.

Introduction of popular menu

Food education mascot "stone"

Illustration of food education mascot "stone"

The name: Stone

Pride waza:
・The first be idle well. After having played a lot; stomach "stone!"
・The second eat rice deliciously. When stone loving to eat eats rice; always "berigu!"
・The third sleep relaxedly. Play a lot, and sleep well after having eaten deliciously; and "stone!"

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