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The radiological measurement of school lunch ingredients in nursery schools

Last update date November 2, 2020

About the radiological measurement of school lunch ingredients


"New standard value of radioactive material in food" that influence on child from April, 2012 considered (standard standard of food hygiene law Article 11 Paragraph 1) is enforced, and it is demanded from school lunch even more that we find security and relief of ingredients to use.
Therefore we measure before eating radioactive material of main ingredients to use in school lunch from August, 2012 in Yokohama-shi and act for security and security of relief.
From April, 2014, we change the choice method of the measurement ingredients and carry out.

The start date

For Wednesday, August 1, 2012 school lunch conduct (the measurement starts from July 31)

The measurement day

We carry out (except holiday, the year-end and New Year and next day) for school lunch conduct of Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday sequentially one place (we measure in the afternoon and the morning of the day on the day before of school lunch offer day) a day.

2020 inspection organization

Association of general incorporated association maritime official approval food hygiene analysis center in Japan

Measuring equipment

Germanium semiconductor detector
Detection limit level: 3Bq/kg

The measurement nuclide

Radioactive cesium (cesium 134, cesium-137)

The measurement ingredients (from April, 2014)

Among school lunch menus of the day in the nursery schools concerned, we measure about the following ingredients.
The number of the measurement specimens: Up to eight articles (for the day including up to two articles)

  1. Rice, milk
  2. Ingredients that the standard value (100Bq/kg) or radioactive cesium more than 1/2 was detected in the whole country between April, 2019 and February, 2020
  3. Artefact which assumes milk and 2 main material
  4. In addition, we admit that it is necessary

※About 2 concrete items, we set in reference to (0323 first from March 23, 2020 date eating raw) (the outside site) about Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare "examination for radioactive material of no*suisambutsuto".

Public announcement of result of a measurement

On website of Child and Youth Bureau, we announce result of a measurement on the school lunch conduct day.
Result of a measurement of 2020

Each page becomes information as of the applicable year.

About one meal of whole accumulation dose of radioactivity investigation in nursery school school lunch

This investigation was finished with school lunch offered on September 17, 2013.
We are published in "(PDF: 315KB) about test result of radioactive material of food which we carried out in Yokohama-shi in 2013".

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