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Guide of report of depreciable assets (property tax)

Last update date December 28, 2020

About correction of guide of 2021 depreciable assets (property tax) report

There was error to copy of "guide of 2021 depreciable assets (property tax) report" that we distributed to on December 11.
We apologize and correct.

Correction point and correction contents

Among tables of 9 pages [example of depreciable assets targeted for exception of standard of assessment] of (some extracts) "exception rate" of assets for the first bank gas business

For a one-third first five years, we transcribed with two-thirds next five years and place to do, each first five years.
Correction point

Assets for gas businessFirst five years
First five years
First five years
Next five years

Guide of report of depreciable assets (property tax)

By "guide of report of 2021 depreciable assets" (property tax),
●What are depreciable assets? ●Report being necessary? ●How to write report? ●Thing to prepare?
We answer such a question.
You can download from this.

Guide of report
Guide cover of depreciable assets (property tax) report

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