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Problem of local finance system

Last update date July 24, 2018

Work of local government is the situation that we cannot serve only in local taxes.

Tax having citizen's all of you put has national tax (income tax or consumption tax) and local taxes (residence tax or property tax). As for the total sum that matched local taxes with national tax, as for about 75 trillion yen, the ratio, it is local taxes 47 national tax 53 in the whole country. (2009)
On the other hand, local government does works more than country, and, as for the ratio, it is in district 57 country 43. In this way, country and balance of ratio of distribution and work of local tax are the situation that is not produced.
As local government cannot serve resources necessary to work only in local taxes, there is problem to but depend on resources from countries such as tax allocated to local governments or state subsidy contribution.

The situation (2010) of country and local financial statements

(note) number of figures uses financial statements level in 2009 of "situation (March, 2011) of local finance" (Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications).

Improvement of local taxes resources is necessary to perform the local government administration that became independent.

In the country, we are promoting "area sovereignty reform" for making community filled with vigor that inhabitants living in area can fix area at with responsibility now. Local sovereignty strategy general rules are approved in a Cabinet meeting on June 22, 2010 and are listed about securing of enhancement of local taxes resources "to review the way of distribution of tax resources between country, districts" in that.
It performs transfer of tax revenue sources, and it is necessary from country for district that by reducing dependence on resources of country, district expands resources usable freely to perform administration that local government became independent so that it is "distribution of tax" depending on country and local role allotment.
We catch various opportunities and suggest for country so that full securing of local taxes resources is realized early in Yokohama-shi.

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