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It is announcement of deadline of the delivery decision after the extension of light motor vehicles tax (keijidosha-zei) in 2016

Last update date March 15, 2019

September 2, 2016

Person suffered great damage in 2016 by Kumamoto earthquake would like to express our heartfelt sympathy.

We extended deadline of the delivery of light motor vehicles tax (keijidosha-zei) in 2016, but, in Yokohama-shi, deadline of the delivery after extension will tell about person who had Address in appointed place level (Kumamoto) in one of decided (September 2 notification).

[target person]

As of April 1, 2016, destination Address of light motor vehicles tax (keijidosha-zei) tax payment notification is Kumamoto

[deadline of the delivery after extension]

Deadline of the delivery

Original deadline of the delivery
(we list in the tax payment notification)

Deadline of the delivery after extension
Tuesday, May 31, 2016Friday, September 30, 2016

[in case of payment careful]

Please use payment notice which you have already sent from now on when you are paid. It does not cost arrearages until deadline of the delivery after extension.

[person having difficulty in payment]

It is suffered damage caused by earthquake, and please consult about person having difficulty in paying to ward office Tax Division Tax Receipt Section of Address place (constant depot) temporarily as there is system that the collection of city tax is reprieved by application.

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