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About special measures of property tax, urban planning tax accompanied with the Great East Japan Earthquake

Announcement of reduction measures of property tax, urban planning tax by 2011 Local Tax Law revision accompanied with the Great East Japan Earthquake

Last update date May 1, 2019

As it was decided to apply reduction measures of property tax accompanied with the Great East Japan Earthquake and urban planning tax in 2011 by revision of Local Tax Law, we will tell.
Please refer to each ward office Tax Division for assets in Yokohama-shi.
In addition, there was revision to affect other reduction measures, but please refer to the municipalities where assets are located in detail for property tax to be taxed in affected areas.

Summary of reduction measures

  1. Damaged residential land
    Residential land (explanatory note) is rich by the Great East Japan Earthquake about site of loss, damaged house from 2012 to 2021.
  2. Damaged substitute residential land
    When owners of damaged residential land acquire substitute land of damaged residential land by March 31, 2021, residential land (explanatory note) is rich after the acquisition about damaged residential land equivalency among substitute land for 2003.
  3. Damaged substitute house
    When owners of damaged house acquire house as a substitute for damaged house by March 31, 2021 or they rebuild, a one-third is reduced about floor space of damaged house equivalency in the amount of a tax of damaged substitute house for a half, next 2002 for 2004.
  4. Nuclear power generation substitute assets
    About assets in caution area caused by nuclear-power disaster, reduction of residential land, house which considers a fixed period of time when we canceled from caution area setting day when we acquire substitute assets like 2,3 mentioned above by day that passed is applied.

(explanatory note) With residential land, we are divided into small residential land and general residential land by the area about land used as sites such as house or apartment, and reduction of tax is done.

Application image of reduction measures

Application image of reduction measures

Reference about property tax, urban planning tax

Please refer to Tax Division of the asset location ward.
Ward Phone number Fax
Tsurumi Ward Tax Division

From 045-510-1725 1727 (⼟ place)
From 045-510-1729 1732 (house)

045-510-1895 (land, house is common)
Kanagawa Ward Tax Division

From 045-411-7051 7053 (⼟ place)
From 045-411-7054 7056 (house)

045-323-1383 (land, house is common)
Nishi Ward Tax Division 045-320-8349 and 8350 (⼟ place)
045-320-8354 and 8355 (house)
045-320-1713 (land, house is common)
Naka Ward Tax Division From 045-224-8201 8203 (⼟ place)
From 045-224-8204 8206 (house)
045-224-8216 (land, house is common)
Minami Ward Tax Division 045-341-1161 and 1162 (⼟ place)
045-341-1163 and 1164 (house)
045-341-1242 (land, house is common)
Konan Ward Tax Division 045-847-8360 and 8361 (⼟ place)
From 045-847-8365 8367 (house)
045-841-1596 (land, house is common)
Hodogaya Ward Tax Division

From 045-334-6250 6252 (⼟ place)
From 045-334-6254 6256 (house)

045-332-7489 (land, house is common)
Asahi Ward Tax Division From 045-954-6047 6049 (⼟ place)
From 045-954-6053 6056 (house)
045-954-0948 (land, house is common)
Isogo Ward Tax Division From 045-750-2361 2363 (⼟ place)
From 045-750-2365 2368 (house)
045-750-2536 (land, house is common)
Kanazawa Ward Tax Division From 045-788-7749 7751 (⼟ place)
From 045-788-7754 7757 (house)
045-788-8602 (land, house is common)
Kohoku Ward Tax Division From 045-540-2275 2279 (⼟ place)
From 045-540-2281 2285 (house)
045-540-2288 (land, house is common)
Midori Ward Tax Division From 045-930-2268 2270 (⼟ place)
From 045-930-2274 2277 (house)
045-930-2286 (land, house is common)
Aoba Ward Tax Division From 045-978-2248 2251 (⼟ place)
From 045-978-2254 2257 (house)
045-978-2425 (⼟ place, house is common)
Tsuzuki Ward   Tax Division From 045-948-2265 2268 (⼟ place)
From 045-948-2270 2273 (house)
045-948-2277 (⼟ place, house is common)
Totsuka Ward Tax Division From 045-866-8361 8365 (⼟ place)
From 045-866-8369 8372 (house)
045-865-4592 (⼟ place, house is common)
Sakae Ward Tax Division 045-894-8361 (⼟ place)
045-894-8365 (house)
045-893-9146 (⼟ place, house is common)
Izumi Ward Tax Division From 045-800-2361 2363 (⼟ place)
From 045-800-2365 2367 (house)
045-800-2509 (⼟ place, house is common)
Seya Ward Tax Division 045-367-5661 and 5662 (⼟ place)
045-367-5665 and 5666 (house)
045-362-8349 (⼟ place, house is common)

Reference about prefectural tax, national tax

Reference of real estate acquisition tax
Name Jurisdiction Phone number
Kanagawa prefectural tax office Tsurumi Ward, Kanagawa Ward, Kohoku Ward 045-321-5741
Yokohama prefectural tax office

Nishi Ward, Naka Ward, Hodogaya Ward, Asahi Ward, Seya Ward

Tozuka prefectural tax office

Minami Ward, Konan Ward, Isogo Ward, Kanazawa Ward, Totsuka Ward, Sakae Ward, Izumi Ward

Green prefectural tax office Midori Ward, Aoba Ward, Tsuzuki Ward   045-973-1911

Reference of national tax (inheritance tax, gift tax)
Name Jurisdiction Phone number
Tsurumi tax office Tsurumi Ward 045-521-7141
Tax office in Yokohama Nishi Ward, Naka Ward 045-651-1321
Hodogaya tax office Hodogaya Ward, Asahi Ward, Seya Ward 045-331-1281
Yokohama south tax office Minami Ward, Konan Ward, Isogo Ward, Kanazawa Ward 045-789-3731
Kanagawa tax office Kanagawa Ward, Kohoku Ward 045-544-0141
Tozuka tax office Totsuka Ward, Sakae Ward, Izumi Ward 045-863-0011
Green tax office Midori Ward, Aoba Ward, Tsuzuki Ward   045-972-7771

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