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Please see taxation statement of property tax, urban planning tax!

Last update date April 1, 2020

"Taxation statement" is important document telling about the situation such as the location, lot number or the price of land, house which property tax, urban planning tax is levied on.
As it is attached to 2-3 pages of "property tax, urban planning tax (land, house) tax payment notification" to send to all of you in the beginning of April, he/she has you look at, and confirmation, please every year.

How to see the taxation statement

Content printed by type of assets is different.
Please see the following PDF file.

Please let know at such time

  • There seems to be indication unlike the situation of land, house owned by yourself.
  • We do not know meaning of listed number and term.
  • In addition, please refer for any unclear points.


  • As column of "the location, lot number" displays in "lot number", it is different from "Address" of house indication.
  • As column of "taxation acreage of a plot of land" displays acreage of a plot of land of taxed land, it may be different from acreage of a plot of land such as land registers.
  • Column of "floor space" may be different from the exclusive possession area of building registers including case of division possession house (apartments).
  • In the cases encountered for damage by disasters such as earthquake disaster, fire, we may receive reduction of taxes measures to reduce burden of tax depending on the situation.

We look forward to contact, consultation

When it applies to the following matter, we use return postcard enclosed in the tax payment notification, and please let know.

  • When notation of case and the name to include change in Address is different
    (when Address is changed in to live outside Yokohama-shi in particular, please send back.)
  • When we change the use situation of land within this year or when we have the plan
    (e.g., property tax, urban planning tax of land may change because reduction measures are applied when we change store to house.
  • Within this year of house when demolish, and do new construction, extension and/or alteration or when there is the plan
    (e.g., cases that built house on land which was Saraji, and rebuilt house)

List of contact information of each ward

  • In Yokohama-shi, we carry out evaluation, taxation at each ward office.
  • Sorry for your inconvenience, but I would like contact, consultation to located ward office Tax Division of fixed assets.
Reference of each ward
Ward Phone number Fax
Tsurumi Ward Tax Division

From 045-510-1725 1727 (⼟ place)
From 045-510-1729 1732 (house)

045-510-1895 (land, house is common)
Kanagawa Ward Tax Division

From 045-411-7051 7053 (⼟ place)
From 045-411-7054 7056 (house)

045-323-1383 (land, house is common)
Nishi Ward Tax Division 045-320-8349 and 8350 (⼟ place)
045-320-8354 and 8355 (house)
045-320-1713 (land, house is common)
Naka Ward Tax Division From 045-224-8201 8203 (⼟ place)
From 045-224-8204 8206 (house)
045-224-8216 (land, house is common)
Minami Ward Tax Division 045-341-1161 and 1162 (⼟ place)
045-341-1163 and 1164 (house)
045-341-1242 (land, house is common)
Konan Ward Tax Division 045-847-8360 and 8361 (⼟ place)
From 045-847-8365 8367 (house)
045-841-1596 (land, house is common)
Hodogaya Ward Tax Division

From 045-334-6250 6252 (⼟ place)
From 045-334-6254 6256 (house)

045-332-7489 (land, house is common)
Asahi Ward Tax Division From 045-954-6047 6049 (⼟ place)
From 045-954-6053 6056 (house)
045-954-0948 (land, house is common)
Isogo Ward Tax Division From 045-750-2361 2363 (⼟ place)
From 045-750-2365 2368 (house)
045-750-2536 (land, house is common)
Kanazawa Ward Tax Division From 045-788-7749 7751 (⼟ place)
From 045-788-7754 7757 (house)
045-788-8602 (land, house is common)
Kohoku Ward Tax Division From 045-540-2275 2279 (⼟ place)
From 045-540-2281 2285 (house)
045-540-2288 (land, house is common)
Midori Ward Tax Division From 045-930-2268 2270 (⼟ place)
From 045-930-2274 2277 (house)
045-930-2286 (land, house is common)
Aoba Ward Tax Division From 045-978-2248 2251 (⼟ place)
From 045-978-2254 2257 (house)
045-978-2425 (⼟ place, house is common)
Tsuzuki Ward   Tax Division From 045-948-2265 2268 (⼟ place)
From 045-948-2270 2273 (house)
045-948-2277 (⼟ place, house is common)
Totsuka Ward Tax Division From 045-866-8361 8365 (⼟ place)
From 045-866-8369 8372 (house)
045-865-4592 (⼟ place, house is common)
Sakae Ward Tax Division 045-894-8361 (⼟ place)
045-894-8365 (house)
045-893-9146 (⼟ place, house is common)
Izumi Ward Tax Division From 045-800-2361 2363 (⼟ place)
From 045-800-2365 2367 (house)
045-800-2509 (⼟ place, house is common)
Seya Ward Tax Division 045-367-5661 and 5662 (⼟ place)
045-367-5665 and 5666 (house)
045-362-8349 (⼟ place, house is common)

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Telephone: 045-671-2258

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Telephone: 045-671-2260

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