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Simulation of Individual Resident Tax Amount (Estimation of Tax Amount and Creation of Declaration Form)

Final update date: January 29, 2021

You can calculate the amount of your personal municipal tax and prefectural tax from the withholding slip, etc., and create a tax return for municipal tax and prefectural tax.
The prepared report must be printed on a printer, checked, attached to required documents City, and submitted by mail or mail to Tax Division, and attach it to your ward office (you cannot submit it by e-mail, etcCity Tax Section. I'm sorry.

We provide a tax calculation and tax return preparation service for FY2021 and FY2020.

If you are unable to select a trial calculation for 2021 when accessing the site, update the browser display to the latest information.

※The pages from here are operated by a contractor that Yokohama City has properly examined.

※This service supports Internet Explorer 9-11 (excluding store app version), Microsoft Edge, FireFox, Google Chrome, and Safari.

※When calculating municipal tax and prefectural tax, it is necessary to cancel the pop-up block function and enable active script (javascript). Check the settings of the toolbar of your browser or browser, and make sure that the pop-up block function is disabled and that the active script (javascript) is enabled.

About Web Accessibility Support (External Site)

About indication of hometown donation (tax payment)

When you pay your hometown donation (tax payment), you can estimate the amount of your hometown donation (tax payment) (hereinafter referred to as the "upper limit") for which the entire amount excluding the self-paid 2,000 yen is deducted.
Regarding the calculation result of the upper limit amount, in the "Breakdown of tax calculation" at the bottom of the "Estimated tax amount", in the "Donation tax credit" column, "Hometown tax payment amount excluding the full amount of 2,000 yen paid by yourself" Estimated ".

※The donation tax deduction is calculated based on the income, income, and deduction of the year in which the hometown donation (tax payment) was made. The deduction calculated by income and deduction is deducted from the municipal tax and prefectural tax for the following fiscal year.
This service estimates the amount of personal municipal tax and prefectural tax for fiscal 2021 and 2020, and estimates the upper limit based on the tax amount.
Therefore, it may differ from the actual calculation result. Please use the results of the calculation as a guide only.

Service interruptions and suspensions

This service may be partially or completely interrupted or suspended for the following reasons:

  1. When updating or maintaining equipment or systems to provide services
  2. When it is difficult to provide services due to force majeure such as fire or power outage
  3. If deemed necessary

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