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Announcement of foundation of final income tax return-free system to be concerned with pension income earner

Last update date March 5, 2019

 When income amounts of money except miscellaneous incomes income amounts of money such as public pensions of the half a year were 4 million yen or less and to modify public pensions from final income tax return of income tax for 2011 by revision of Income Tax Law were 200,000 yen or less, submission of decision report of income tax for the year became needless (even if it is this case, we can submit decision report to receive return of income tax.) .

 In addition, report of residence tax to ward office is necessary even if it is person who does not need submission of decision report when there is income except public pensions.
 In addition, in the case of chisels such as public pensions, income does not need principle, report of residence tax, but report of residence tax becomes necessary when we receive various subtraction such as social insurance deduction, amount of reduction for life insurance.

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