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About extension of time limit such as report payment of city tax by malfunction of L tax caused in January, 2017

Last update date October 3, 2019

January 27, 2017 caused the situation that was hard to lead to local taxes portal system eLTAX (L tax).
I cause trouble about electronic report, the electronic tax payment procedure for city tax and am sorry.

We extended report, application, request, report or other submission of documents (only for municipal tax, property tax, office tax except thing about query), time limit about payment (limited to municipal tax of corporation, office tax) to come after January 27, 2017 in Motoichi with this, but decided to do time limit after extension with February 10, 2017.
Under the influence of malfunction of eLTAX, please consult about person who was not able to perform reports by time limit after extension individually this time.

In addition, past process is as follows.

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