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About the handling of city tax of person suffered from by the Great East Japan Earthquake

Last update date March 12, 2019

We would like to express our heartfelt sympathy to person suffered from by the Great East Japan Earthquake generated on March 11.

About the handling of city tax accompanied with outbreak of this earthquake, it is as follows.

About extension such as deadline for report or deadline of the delivery of city tax

We extended time limits such as report, payment to come by March 25 City notification No. 97 (PDF: 37KB) about city tax of Aomori, Iwate, Miyagi, Fukushima and Ibaraki that had Address in each area on after March 11.

About person who had Address in Aomori, Ibaraki, time limit after extension such as report, payment was fixed at City notification 465 (PDF: 31KB) and the same day by city notification 466 (PDF: 42KB) about city notification 342 (PDF: 17KB) and which owned Address by city notification 343 (PDF: 16KB) on the same day in Iwate, Miyagi and Fukushima each on September 22 on June 24.
In addition, please refer to next for the details of each items of taxation.

Personal municipal tax, prefectural tax (PDF: 81KB)

Personal municipal tax, prefectural tax (occasional taxation) (PDF: 81KB)

Personal municipal tax, prefectural tax (special collection) (PDF: 81KB)

Property tax, urban planning tax (land, house) (PDF: 78KB)

Property tax (depreciable assets) (PDF: 98KB)

Light motor vehicles tax (keijidosha-zei) (PDF: 77KB)

Consultation of the tax payment

As there are systems such as the collection postponements, and person that it is difficult to pay city tax by damage by deadline of the delivery accepts consultation of the tax payment that accepted the life (property) situation, please report to ward office Tax Division (the tax payment, Tax Receipt Section).

In addition, we would appreciate your talking when it is difficult to perform report, payment under the influence of earthquake in having Address any place other than the area mentioned above. [reference] When the tax payment is troubling

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