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Notification of transfer (transfer from abroad)

Final update date February 25, 2021


This is the procedure when you move from abroad to each ward in Yokohama city. We accept in ward office Family Registry Division Registration Section of the ward where you are moving. (We cannot file in city hall, administrative service corner.)


As we list congestion prediction calendar or follow-up that we can go to ward office without coming to agency on congestion prediction calendar page of ward office Family Registry Division's procedures for visiting the ward office without visiting the government office.


If you need to contact other municipalities or check your resident certificate code and personal number (my number) by inquiry to other municipalities and Basic Resident Register network cannot be handled in some cases at the ward office window opening agency on the second and fourth Saturdays. There is.


Those who have moved from abroad to each ward in Yokohama
Foreign residents are those who have decided to stay for at least three months (one who has been issued a residence card) and special permanent residents.

Person who can report (application)

  • The person in question
  • The head of household or a person and a same household. Those who live in Address lives but separates households, it will be treated as if they were in proxy/agent will be treated the
  • proxy/agent (Power of Attorney is required. However, it is not necessary if you and same household

Reception desk

Ward Office Family Registry Division, Ward of New AddressRegistration Section of the new ward (you cannot submit a transfer notification at the city hall, administrative service corner, or other ward offices)
※It may take some time to complete the procedure. Please check the congestion forecast calendar and come with plenty of time.

Family Registry Division of each ward office

From Monday to Friday From 8:45 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Second and fourth Saturday: From 9:00 am to noon About ward office window opening agency of the second, fourth Saturday
※Closed on Sundays, national holidays and New Year's holidays.

Reception period (submission time)

Within 14 days of starting living in a new Address started living (you cannot submit a report before moving)
Ifnotification period City will be the last day of the next open day if the 14th day falls on the closing day of the ward office.


  • For the time being, you can submit a report as usual, even after 14 days, to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection.
  • Those who have returned or entered the country from abroad are required by the government to wait at home, etc. for 14 days from the day after returning or entering Japan. After expiration of waiting period that country establishes, we would like you to have you come to agency for notice of transference or ask proxy/agent or request a procedure.
  • The latest information is hereQ & A on Fundamental Strengthening of Water Control Measures (External Site)Please check (Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare website).

What you need

Japanese nationals

  • A copy of a passport or ticket that can confirm the return date (all those who move in are required.)
  • Copy of all items of family register matters (certified copy) and copy of family register (one with permanent domicile City is not required.)

Foreign residents

  • Resident Card or Special Permanent Resident Certificate
  • Passport (only for those who have not been issued a residence card at the time of entry and have been certified as a passport at a later date)
    • For short-term stayers, those who have decided on a period of stay of 3 months or less, those who are diplomatic or public use, etc., resident certificate because they are not eligible for the Law of the Basic Resident Registers.
    • If you have decided on a status of residence for more than three months and live in a temporary facility such as a hotel or training facility, you may not be able to list resident certificate City. However, a notification of the place of residence is required. (For more information, please contact your ward office Family Registry Division of your ward for details.)
  • Documents confirming the relationship
    • If you are a household head of a foreign resident and a household member of a foreign resident, you will need a document to confirm your family relationship. (In the case of a foreign language, attach a translation that clarifies the translator.)



Please bring the above "necessary items" to the reception desk.

Form and entry examples

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Other major procedures

Please see the next page for the procedure of the My Number system accompanying the transfer from abroad.

List of counters at each ward office Family Registry Division list

List of Family Registry Division section list of each ward office
Ward Office Namewindowtelephonefax
Aoba Ward Government Office, Family Registry DivisionAoba Ward Hall 2F 24th floor045-978-22333045-978-2418
Asahi Ward Government Office, Family Registry DivisionAsahi Ward Office 1st floor, 9th floor045-954-6034045-955-4411
Izumi Ward Government Office, Family Registry Division204, 2nd floor, Izumi Ward 204045-800-2345045-800-2508
Isogo Ward Government Office, Family Registry DivisionIsogo Ward City Hall 2F 22nd floor045-750-2345045-750-2535
Kanagawa Ward Government Office, Family Registry Division103rd floor, 1st floor, Kanagawa Ward045-411-7034045-324-3586
Kanazawa Ward Government Office, Family Registry Division207th floor, 2nd floor, Kanazawa Ward045-788-7734045-70-5234
Konan Ward Government Office, Family Registry DivisionKonan Ward Office 2F 21st floor045-847-8335045-841-1281
Kohoku Ward Government Office, Family Registry DivisionKohoku Ward Office 2F 21st floor045-540-2254045-540-2260
Sakae Ward Government Office, Family Registry DivisionSakae Ward City Hall Main Building 1F 14th floor045-894-8345045-894-3413
Seya Ward Government Office, Family Registry DivisionSeya Ward Office 2nd floor 25th045-367-564545045-362-1488
Tsuzuki Ward   Government Office, Family Registry DivisionTsuzuki Ward   City Hall 2F 12th floor045-948-2255045-948-2259
Tsurumi Ward Government Office, Family Registry DivisionTsurumi Ward Office, 2nd floor, 1st045-510-1706045-510-1893
Totsuka Ward Government Office, Family Registry DivisionTotsuka Ward City Hall 2F 3rd floor045-866-8335045-862-0657
Naka Ward Office-Family Registry DivisionNaka Ward Office Main Building 2F 23045-224-8295045-224-8289
Nishi Ward Office-Family Registry DivisionNishi Ward Office 1st floor 3rd045-320-8335045-324-5855
Hodogaya Ward Government Office, Family Registry DivisionHodogaya Ward City Hall Main Building 1F 4th floor045-334-6234045-35-6781
Midori Ward Government Office, Family Registry DivisionMidori Ward City Hall 2F 22nd floor045-930-2250045-930-2255
Minami Ward Government Office, Family Registry DivisionMinami Ward Office 2F 14th045-341-11118045-341-123

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