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About resident certificate cord

Last update date March 23, 2020

What is resident certificate cord? (when we want to know own resident certificate cord?)

・With resident certificate cord

Resident certificate cord is number of 11 inherent figures for each individual who is set to distinguish citizen's all of you on the Network System for Basic Resident Registers (the Network System for Basic Resident Registers ) of August, 2002.

Resident certificate cord does not change in cases that the name turned into by transference/transference, the marriage between other municipalities either.
We will have you use the cord sequentially (listed in resident certificate).
Because it is assigned at random in the whole country, this resident certificate cord, please note that we cannot assign any number you like.

(※). which I sent to citizen's as "news of resident certificate cord" by mail about which this resident certificate cord set toward the individual at time when we managed "Yokohama method" (it dissolves in September, 2006), and did not hope for data transmission to the Network System for Basic Resident Registers for each household

・When he/she wants to know resident certificate cord

Because resident certificate cord becomes number that can identify individual, it is necessary to play for safety in the handling.
Therefore we cannot answer even if we have you ask from the person on the telephone.
Grant (we need identity verification material) is doing "resident certificate cord notification" (free) by having you apply at window of living ward office Family Registry Division Registration Section with resident certificate when we confirm resident certificate cord of the person, or having you mail "request for resident certificate cord confirmation issuance book" (PDF: 147KB) which filled in required items. In addition, please be careful as you do not handle this "resident certificate cord notification" (free) in service counter in the city hall.

<about procedure about grant for resident certificate cord notification>

※At window of 1 living ward office Family Registry Division Registration Section in the case of request

・Please ask window "to want to know resident certificate cord".
・As I hand request book at window, you have you fill out on the spot, or you have you download style beforehand, and bring to window after filling out required items.
・The presentation of identity verification material
Driver's license, passport take my number card, healthy identification of insurer, pension book, employee ID card.
We may ask a question for identity verification.

※When we ask for 2 by mail in ward office to live

By sending next to living ward office Family Registry Division Registration Section, can request resident certificate cord notification.

<thing having you send>

  1. Resident certificate cord confirmation issuance request book
    You have you download "resident certificate cord confirmation issuance request book" (PDF: 147KB) and print, and please fill in required items beforehand.
    Or please offer document which listed contact information Phone number on full name, Address, the date of birth of claimer after "request for resident certificate cord confirmation issuance" and specification by handwriting.
  2. Copy of identity verification material of the person
    Driver's license, copy of identity verification material (when there is expiration date thing in time limit) of the person including health insurance card (we send back)
  3. Envelope for reply which put stamp for reply rate
  4. We listed Address (Address of resident certificate), full name, zip code to live as return address

※About which it is transferred before person who became born, acquired naturalization, nationality, the Network System for Basic Resident Registers operation overseas after 2002, and came to live in Motoichi afterwards, we tell about resident certificate cord with "resident certificate cord notification" from each ward office.

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