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About the abolition of notice card

Last update date September 14, 2020

※Please being careful
When the items mentioned (Address, full name) of notice card accord with the items mentioned of resident certificate even if notice card is abolished, it lasts as documents proving my number and can use. In addition, we can apply for mokoremadedori, my number card after the notice card abolition.

About the abolition of notice card

 Notice card was abolished on May 25, 2020 by revision of law.
 After the abolition following; cannot go through the procedure.

Notice card (sample)

The handling after the notice card abolition

As for Address, the full name of notice of 1 card, it is filed for the items mentioned change

When the surface items mentioned of notice card have change, we cannot change the items mentioned of notice card.

Application for re-issue of notice of 2 card

When notice card is lost, we cannot issue notice card again.

My number confirmation method (when notice card does not have my number card either) after the notice card abolition

"Copying of resident certificate" that 1 my number was listed in or "resident certificate items mentioned certificate"

In ward office and service counter in the city hall in Yokohama-shi, please request "copying of resident certificate" with my number or "resident certificate items mentioned certificate". In addition, it takes fee of one 300 yen.

Application of 2 my number cards

Only for the first grant, we can make free. As you take about from one month to two months before making, please be careful.
About application of my number card, please confirm application method of my number card.

About notice method to where newly my number is had fuban of

About notice of 1 method

"Personal number notification" is mailed to person that newly my numbers such as newborn babies are had fuban of. Issue dates of personal number notification are listed in "personal number notification" on my number, full name, date of birth.
※"Personal number notification" is not issued to person having notice card anymore.

2 instructions

"Personal number notification" notifies of my number, and cannot use for documents proving my number. When documents proving my number are necessary, copying of resident certificate with the presentation of my number card or my number or submission of resident certificate items mentioned certificate is necessary.

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