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About abolition of notice card

Final update date September 14, 2020

※Please be careful
Even if your notification card is abolished, you can continue to use it as a document to prove your My Number if your notification card (Address's information (name, etc.) coincides with resident certificate as a document to prove your My Number. In addition, we can apply for my number card as before after notification card abolition.

About abolition of notice card

 Due to the revision of the law, the notification card was abolished on May 25, 2020.
 After the abolition, the following procedures are not possible.

Notification card (sample)

Handling after abolition of notification card

1 Procedures for changing items such as Address of Change

If there is a change in the information on the front of the notification card, the information on the notification card cannot be changed.

2 Application for re-grant of notification card

If the notification card is lost, the notification card cannot be reissued.

My number confirmation method after notification card abolition (when we do not have notification card and my number card)

1 "Copy of resident certificate certificate of resident certificate Items with 1 My Number

At ward office and administrative service corner in Yokohama-shi, please request "copy of resident certificate City with your My Number or a resident certificate City. A fee of 300 yen per copy will be charged.

2 Application for My Number Card

It can be created free of charge only for the first grant. Please note that it takes about one to two months to create.
About application of my number card, please confirm application method of my number card.

About notification method to one where my number is newly assigned

1. Notification method

For those who are newly assigned a My Number, such as newborns, a "Personal Number Notice" will be mailed. The "Personal Number Notice" contains your My Number, name, date of birth, date of issue of the Personal Number Notice, etc.
※If you already have a notification card, a "Personal Number Notice" will not be issued.


The "Personal Number Notice" notifies you of your My Number and cannot be used as a document to prove your My Number. When documents proving my number are necessary, presentation of my number card or copy of resident certificate is necessary when document proving my number is necessary. resident certificate entry matter certificate is necessary.

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