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Summary of notice card

Last update date March 6, 2019

On October 5, 2015, it was done fuban one my number (personal number) in resident certificate with registration by one.
We tell about my number by sending of notice card.

With notice card

Notice card tells about my number (personal number) by paper card and is intended to confirm personal number in case such as procedures.
Sex, personal number are listed in this card on Address, full name, the date of birth. In addition, we cannot use as identity verification document.
Toward all the members who had resident certificate on October 5, 2015, my number (personal number) was performed fuban of. It is 12 columns of numbers that my number converts resident certificate cord, and were formed.
In Yokohama-shi, we mail notice card to all the members having resident certificate from November through December for each household in 2015 as of October 5, 2015 to tell about this my number (in simple registered mail to family nurturer).
In addition, it is moved from foreign countries to Yokohama-shi after it and, as for the cases that we submitted birth registration form to, in the case of the report, is done fuban my number newly, and notification card is sent at the future by local public entities information system mechanism (occasional sending).
Please keep notice card carefully not to be lost.
In addition, we can list my number in Basic Resident Register when we issue resident certificate after October 5, 2015 as my number was recorded if the person hopes.
As it is necessary to change the items mentioned of notice card including case that included address change by moving, we bring identity verification document and ask for procedure in ward office Family Registry Division of ward to live.

  • I send notice card to give personal number to Address of resident certificate.
  • On Address, full name, the date of birth, sex, personal number are listed.
  • It is made of paper, and there is not photograph of the face and cannot use as identity verification document.

Reference about my number system

As for the details, please see reference about my number system.

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