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Contact for each ward office Family Registry Division card (notification card, my number card)

Final update date July 22, 2020

For inquiries regarding notification cards, issuance of My Number Cards, etc., please contact your ward office Family Registry Division.
For inquiries regarding the My Number System in general, please contact the National My Number Comprehensive Toll Free Number: We accept at 0120-95-0178.

Family Registry Division of each ward office
Ward Office Name Inquiry Phone number of
Tsurumi Ward Office


Kanagawa Ward Office 045-411-7034
Nishi Ward Office 045-320-8335
Naka Ward Office 045-224-8299
Minami Ward Office 045-341-11118
Konan Ward Office 045-847-8335
Hodogaya Ward Office 045-334-6234
Asahi Ward Office 045-954-6161
Isogo Ward Office 045-750-2345
Kanazawa Ward Office 045-788-7738
Kohoku Ward Office 045-540-2254
Midori Ward Office 045-930-2251
Aoba Ward Office 045-978-22333
Tsuzuki Ward   Office 045-948-2255, 2256
Izumi Ward Office 045-800-2345
Sakae Ward Office 045-894-8345
Totsuka Ward Office 045-866-8335
Seya Ward Office 045-367-5645, 5646

[Hearing impaired] We accept inquiries by fax (045-664-5295) of Civic Affairs Bureau) is available for inquiries.

Inquiries to this page

Civic Affairs Bureau Ward Administration Support Department Window Service Section

Telephone: 045-671-2176

Telephone: 045-671-2176

Fax: 045-664-5295

Email address: [email protected]

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