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With legal representative, any proxy/agent

Last update date January 25, 2019

Legal representative

  • Pro-incarnation

Applicant is having claims and obligations containing supervision protection, education in in social position and property on behalf of case, person younger than 20 years.

  • Guardian of minor

When applicant is case younger than 20 years, and there is not pro-incarnation or when pro-incarnation does not have right of management (authority about property), it is the tutelage and that it is.

  • Adult guardian

It is one where applicant performs juristic act in place of the person in the case of adult ward or assisting juristic act by the person.

When one younger than 15 years, adult ward apply, it is necessary that legal representative is equal with applicant and does agency.

In addition, the details about adult guardianship system hope that they have each family court having jurisdiction over Ministry of Justice and area to live confirm. Look at the following pages for your information.

Any proxy/agent

Proxy/agent except the legal representative mentioned above becomes all any proxy/agent.
Driver's license, passport do not leave one without certificate with photograph of the face of public office issuance in any proxy/agent.
When the person is unavoidable reason including case having case and handicap hospitalized by disease or delivery, and applicant cannot do the next agency in window, application by option proxy/agent is enabled, too.
In addition, please note that you may have the presentation such as documents that it is revealed that this case, person including medical certificate and hospitalization certificate of doctor come to window, and there is not agency.

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