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About case that wants to identify my number (personal number)

Last update date March 23, 2019

When there is not notice card at hand, and my number (personal number) wants to be confirmed, there are methods such as "re-grant of notice card" or "mention of my number to resident certificate".
※About confirmation of my number, we do not make a reply over telephone. Thank you for your understanding.

Confirmation by "re-grant of notice card"

When we lose notice card and are made destruction by fire, we can perform re-grant procedure (re-grant fee: 500 yen) of notice card.
But notice card to issue again is made by local public entity system mechanism (J-LIS), and it is mailed to Address of resident certificate. Therefore it takes approximately 1 month from procedure of re-grant to receipt. Please be careful.
About re-grant procedure of notice card, please see page about notice card re-grant.

Confirmation by "mention of my number to resident certificate"

We can confirm by listing my number in resident certificate. In ward office Family Registry Division (proof issuance window) and service counter in the city hall issuing resident certificate, tell member of teller about "wanting you to list my number".

Method of application

Person who comes to window

The person, it is same household again

Application place

Ward office Family Registry Division, service counter in the city hall
※Using my number card, case to acquire copying of resident certificate with multi-copier installed in convenience store (convenience store grant) cannot list my number.

You have


300 yen
※As for the details of procedure, please see page about copying of resident certificate.


When third party (proxy bringing) is applied for, resident certificate which listed my number is not issued on the same day (we will mail to the person later).
It is available about request of resident certificate by mail, but has time before return of resident certificate.

Confirmation with "receipt of my number card"

We have you do grant application of my number card and can confirm my number in receiving my number card (the first grant: for free).
I almost send "grant notification" (postcard) from application of card from ward office in one month (and sometimes around two months) and show around receipt method of card.
About card grant application, receipt method, please see the next page.
Page of application method of my number card
Page of receipt method of my number card

Reference about my number system

As for the details, please see reference about my number system.

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