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About when we want to confirm my number (personal number).

Final update date September 2, 2020

If you do not have a notification card or personal number notice and want to confirm your My Number (Personal Number), you can confirm it by obtaining a copy of resident certificate City with your My Number.
※About confirmation of my number, we do not answer by telephone. Please understand.

Confirmation by obtaining a copy of resident certificate by obtaining confirmation

You can check it by listing your My Number on a copy of resident certificate. In ward office Family Registry Division (certification issuance window) and administrative service corner, which will issue a copy of resident certificate, tell the staff in charge of "I want you to list your My Number".

How to Apply

Those who come to the window

A person or a person and a person in same household

Application Location

Ward Office Family Registry Division, Administrative Service Corner
※If you use your My Number Card to obtain a copy of resident certificate City with a multi-copy machine installed at a convenience store (convenience store issuance), you cannot enter your My Number.

What you bring

Identity verification materials for those coming to the counter
family register / Identity Confirmation at the time of notification of change of residents and



If you or someone other than yourself and a member of same household resident certificate if a person other than the person or the person and the member of the city (bring a power of attorney) is applied for (mailed to the person at a later date).
You can also request a copy of resident certificate's copy can also be requested by mail, but it takes time to return a copy of resident certificate copy.

Confirmation by "Receiving My Number Card"

You can apply for a My Number Card and receive your My Number Card (first grant: free) to confirm your My Number.
About receipt method of card, we guide in "grant letter of advice" (postcard) sent from ward office after application for card.
Please see the next page for information on how to apply for and receive cards.
How to Apply for My Number Card Page
How to receive My Number Card Page

Inquiries about the My Number system

Inquiries to this page

Civic Affairs Bureau Ward Administration Support Department Window Service Section

Telephone: 045-671-2176

Telephone: 045-671-2176

Fax: 045-664-5295

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