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Basic Resident Register card has been switched to My Number card.

With the enforcement of the Social Security and Tax Number System (My Number System), the new issuance of the Basic Resident Register card ended in December 2015, and the issuance of My Number Card began in January 2016.

Final update date September 2, 2020

New grant, update of Basic Resident Register card was finished.

With grant start of my number card, new grant, update of Basic Resident Register card was finished. If you currently have a Basic Resident Register card and still need a card to use your ID card or public personal authentication after the expiration date, please apply for a My Number card. In addition, due to the rapid increase in the number of applications for My Number Card, it takes time to receive after application. Please allow yourself to complete the procedure.

The Basic Resident Register card with a photo can be used as an ID after January 2016.

Until the expiration date, you can continue to use it as an ID card.
In addition, as you cannot store digital certificate newly in Basic Resident Register card which you have now, please switch to my number card when you use public personal identification service such as e-Tax. Also, if you wish to use the convenience store delivery service, please switch to My Number Card.

Function of Basic Resident Register card is taken over by My Number Card.

My number card will take over the function of Basic Resident Register card.
The name, Address, date of birth, gender, face photo, expiration date are displayed on the front of the card, and My Number is displayed on the back. The size of the card is the same as the Basic Resident Register card.

We issue my number card in exchange for Basic Resident Register card.

You can only bring one Basic Resident Register card and my number card. If you have a Basic Resident Register card and apply for a My Number Card, you will be given a My Number Card in exchange for a Basic Resident Register card.

Two types of digital certificates are standard on My Number Card.

Two types of digital certificates are installed: a digital certificate for user certification and a digital certificate for signature. Both digital certificates are valid from the date of issue until the fifth birthday, and a special PIN is set for each.

Digital Certificate for User Certification

Used when using the convenience store delivery service or when logging in to e-Tax.
Set a 4-digit password.

Digital signature certificate

Used to give electronic signatures to data such as e-Tax declarations and electronic articles of incorporation.
Set a PIN of 6 to 16 alphanumeric characters.

Card image

Comparison of Basic Resident Register Card and My Number Card
There is no photo and no photo of the Basic Resident Register card, the front and back sides of the My Number card

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