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About grant application of my number card

Last update date September 2, 2020

When there is not grant application of my number card at hand, we can download in this page.
※In the case of sending notice cards, grant application of my number card is enclosed. In addition, we can use the grant application even if there is change in Address, full name of enclosed grant application. If you can see by yourself and put out and can make modifications in equal de latest information in the case of application by mail, application is possible.
※We can acquire grant application that application ID, full name, Address necessary for the Internet application were printed in ward office Family Registry Division of ward to live.

Downloading of grant application of my number card

Please make application (mail application) after required items, photograph of the face pasting after downloading from this.

※Please fill in my number (personal number) on grant application for handwriting that you downloaded without accident by all means. In the case of non-entry, receptionist of application may not be worked as my number.
※About confirmation of my number, we do not make a reply over telephone. For details, please give me nitsuiteogo * when we want to confirm my number (personal number)

When we receive grant application at ward office

Person who comes to window

Person or same household, proxy/agent of the person

Procedure place (place to receive)

Ward office Family Registry Division window of ward to live
※I do not hand in service counter in the city hall.

Necessary thing

Identity verification documents (A or B) of person coming to window

A. Identity verification documents with photograph of the face which we issued in public office: One point
Driver's license, passport, Basic Resident Register card (with photograph of the face), certificate of the physically disabled, residence card,
Thing with photograph of the face in qualifications which public offices such as driving career certificates (thing after April 1, 2012 is best as for the grant date.) issued
B. When there are not documents of A, the next documents: Two points
Identification of employee health insurance person insured, identification of The Long-term Care Insurance person insured, pension book, identification of social security recipient, employee ID card, student identification card

※In the case of application of proxy/agent, identity verification information about proxy/agent and documents (proxy) proving the power of attorney are necessary.

Sample of proxy

Sample of proxy becomes able to print.

Mailing address of my number card grant application

Japan Post Co., Ltd. Kawasaki east post office P.O. Box No. 2
Local public entity information system mechanism
It is addressed to personal number card grant application reception desk center

※Even if ward office Family Registry Division window has, we ask for mailing to mailbox.

Downloading of envelope for sending of my number card grant application

※When there is not envelope at hand, please use as you can download.

Receipt method of my number card

For details, please give me receipt method nitsuiteogo * of my number card.

Reference about my number system

As for the details, please see reference about my number system.

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