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When we discover card after my number card loss report

Last update date March 23, 2019

When card is found after it was reported loss of my number card, report is necessary for ward office Family Registry Division living for stop cancellation of card function.

Person (person going through the procedure) who comes to window

The person
※By window application of proxy/agent, all procedures may not be over on the applied day to perform intention confirmation about procedure to the person by mail. For details, please refer to ward office Family Registry Division of ward to live.

Necessary thing (when the person reports)

Please bring 1 of next and 2.

  1. Identity verification documents
  2. My number card which we discovered (found)
    ※For identity verification, we collate password for Basic Resident Register. When password is unidentified, take documents of A or B.
    1. One point of identity verification documents with photograph of the face which we issued in public office
      Thing with photograph of the face in qualifications which public offices such as driver's license, passport, Basic Resident Register card (with photograph of the face), certificate of the physically disabled, residence card, driving career certificate (thing after April 1, 2012 is best as for the grant date.) issued
    2. When there are not documents of A, two points of next documents
      Identification of employee health insurance person insured, identification of The Long-term Care Insurance person insured, pension book, identification of social security recipient, employee ID card, student identification card

Reference about my number system

As for the details, please see reference about my number system.

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