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About password to set by my number card

Last update date September 14, 2020

When I hand my number card, we have you set four kinds (possible as for the same number as for three kinds of them) of passwords.
We prevent spoofing of third party by setting password. Please do not tell other people password abusively.

About password
Type Password Use use
1.Electronic certificate for signature More than alphanumeric character six characters, it is 16 characters or less
(English letter sets in combination capital letter, English letter and number)
When we perform electronic report on the Internet including e-Tax, we use password of electronic certificate for signature.
2.The one for Basic Resident Register Number four characters (※) In case of transference procedure and change procedure for Address, full name of card, we use password for Basic Resident Register.
3.It is for face of a bill matter input assistance Number four characters (※) When we confirm personal number and 4 basic information (Address, full name, the date of birth, sex) and use as text data, we use password for face of a bill matter input assistance.
4.Electronic certificate for user proof Number four characters (※) When we use convenience store grants such as mainapotaru or resident certificate, we use password of electronic certificate for user proof.

※About password (number four characters) of 2.3.4, we can set the same number.

About on the rocks of password

Password is locked when we get a wrong input three times (as for five times of electronic certificates for signature) in succession and comes to ward office Family Registry Division of ward to live, and reset of password is necessary. Please be careful.

About automatic lapse of electronic certificate for signature

By changes such as Address or full name, electronic certificate for signature lapses automatically.
When we use electronic certificate for signature sequentially, issuance procedure is necessary some other time.
Please refer to ward office Family Registry Division of ward to live for procedure.

Reference about my number system

As for the details, please see reference about my number system.

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