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List of family register-related reports

Last update date March 24, 2020

We publish about notice about family register including birth registration form and marriage registration form.
In addition, please confirm page of each notice by all means as necessary thing or instructions list detailed contents.

Table of notice
Table of noticeNotification periodApplicantReport window
Birth registration formIt is less than 14 days including born dayFather or mother"Born place", it is either of "ward (the municipalities) of permanent address" "Address place"
Death registration/death notification form It is less than seven days including day when we knew fact of the deathRelative, housemate"The death place" "permanent address of person who died" in "the location (Address place) of applicant" either ward office (the municipalities)
Marriage registration formOptionHusband and wife"Permanent address" of husband or wife or "ward office (the municipalities) of the location" (Address place)
Divorce registration form (divorce by consent/agreement)
※Each item matter in case of divorce by judgment of district court , please identify divorce registration form (divorce by judgment of district court ).
OptionHusband and wifeWard office (the municipalities) of the location (Address place) of permanent address, husband of couple or wife
Notification of transfer of family registerOptionThe head of a family of family register and spouse"The location" (Address place) of applicant, it is either of "new permanent address" "current permanent address"

List of procedures when family died: Counters in charge in each ward publish list of procedures for each ward.

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