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About report, procedure for National Health Insurance from March through April (about extended prevention of new coronavirus infectious disease ask)

Window of ward office Insurance and Pension Division is crowded by moving and employment, procedure with Retirement very much every year in April from March. For extended prevention of new coronavirus infectious disease, I would like cooperation for intensive relaxation of congestion.

Last update date March 18, 2020

Congestion expectation period

Between Monday, March 23 and Friday, April 10, congestion is expected by spring moving season, employment, change with Retirement.
Particularly, it is crowded very much in the first week of Monday and April.

The congestion situation according to time

Time (by ※ weather, it may be different from the situation of real window.) to be crowded during one day
・Weekday From 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
・On Saturday: From 11:00 a.m. to the midday

About procedure

As for report, the procedure about qualification transfer for National Health Insurance, thing by the next agency becomes principle, but even mail accepts the loss procedure about that it is newly difficult to do the next agency in qualifications loss procedure of National Health Insurance in ward office Hours in which joined social insurance by working.
For more details, please give me report nitsuiteogo * of the National Health Insurance qualification loss by mail.

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Telephone: 045-671-2421

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