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Notification of specific medical examination by SMS (short message service) and postcard

Final update date September 9, 2020

From Wednesday, September 9, 2020, we will send information on specific medical examinations by SMS (short message service) or information on specific medical examinations by postcard to mobile phones and smartphones of Yokohama City National Health Insurance members.
※SMS is sent to households with unexamined patients.
※Please note that those who have already been consulted may be sent by mistake.

Postcard 1

Postcard 2


SMS (Short Message Service)

[News from Yokohama-shi] After confirming, the specific medical examination was [not consulted]. Please see your doctor as soon as possible. (Free)
Overview of Specific Medical Examinations and Information Related to New Coronavirus Infectious Diseases→
※We send to household with unexamined person of National Health Insurance participation.
※Please forgive those who have already been consulted.
City Kenshin Dial

・The sender's name is displayed as "Yokohama".
・This email address is for sending only. Please note that we will not be able to respond to your reply.
・If you do not know the contents of the email, please contact the Yokohama City Kenshin Dial.

Beware of wire fraud

This message sent from Yokohama City will be the content of the notification regarding specific medical examinations.
This message does not indicate the following:
・Request a transfer to a specific financial institution or account number
・Ask to operate ATMs (automated teller machines such as banks and convenience stores).
・Please ask for your passbook and cash card.

Verification of Effects Regarding Improvement of Recommendation Notification

Postcard or SMS (short message service) for those who have not received a specific medical checkup in 2020 ※By recommending a consultation in 1, we will verify whether the specific medical examination consultation rate will be improved.
Information on specific medical examinations will be available on May 15th. ※2 is mailed individually to your home. This recommendation will then provide additional consultation recommendations by postcard or SMS to non-examined patients. ※3
About contents, we guide the use of specific medical examination, and please be assured that there is no problem with specific medical examination itself even if you receive or receive any additional consultation recommendation.
Please note that the results of the verification may be announced at academic societies, etc., in a form that does not identify individuals (total figures).
※1 Send a message to a mobile phone or smartphone with Phone number and smartphone.
※2 Those aged 40 to 74 who have joined the National Health Insurance before April 1, 2020
※3 Persons / non-targets who are recommended for consultation by postcard or SMS will be randomly selected.

  • In order to improve the message content for the future, we have sent several messages.
  • Please be assured that the basic information pertaining to the specific medical examination is the same in each message, and there is no problem with the consultation itself.
  • Please note that the results of the verification may be announced at academic societies, etc., in a form that does not identify individuals (total figures).

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