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Damage Relief System by Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency (PMDA)

Final update date March 20, 2019

System Overview

1 Overview of Remedies for Adverse Drug Effects

The drug side effect relief system is for those who have suffered health damage due to side effects that occurred despite the proper use of pharmaceuticals. This is a publicmedical expenses are public systems based on the Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency Act, which was established with the aim of providing benefits and promptly remedies for those affected.

2 Types of benefits and deadlines for claims

When receiving medical treatment due to side effects of pharmaceuticals, etc.

・medical expenses Provides Medical Allowance
・Deadline (from receiving treatment for side effects) 5 years

If there is a disability that severely restricts daily life due to side effects of the drug (for grades 1 and 2 specified by PMDA)

・disability pension and Child Care for Children with Disabilities Benefit pension
・No billing deadline

In case of death due to side effect of drug

・Benefits of survivor's pension, survivor's lump sum and funeral expenses
・Deadline (from death) 5 years

3. Procedures for remedies

Please contact the Relief System Contact / Consultation Service (Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency). required documents provides detailed information on the outline of the rescue system, how to claim relief benefits, the form of billing documents, and how to describe them.

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