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Subsidies for "re-vaccination costs" for those who have lost immunity due to bone marrow transplantation

Final update date May 18, 2021

  If your immunity obtained in Vaccinations has already performed due to bone marrow transplantation, etc., will lose its immunity and need to be vaccinated again, the cost will be borne by the patient.
  Therefore, Yokohama City will start a subsidy program for Vaccinations costs in order to prevent the spread of infectious diseases and reduce the economic burden.
  Prior application is required to use the system.
  If you would like to apply, please contact Health and Social Welfare Bureau-671-4190) should contact us in advance if you wish to apply.

Eligible persons

  Those who meet all of the following requirements
  (1)Routine vaccination (Children's Vaccinations) that has been vaccinated by bone marrow transplantation surgery, chemotherapy and other medical
    Doctors determine that preventive effects cannot be expected. (* Mainly for pediatric cancer patients.)
  (2)Address (resident registration) in Yokohama-shi under 20 years old on day to receive re-inoculation of Vaccinations.

Subject Vaccinations and Number of

  Routine immunization of children specified by the Vaccination Law with vaccines already vaccinated
  Those that require re-vaccination due to treatment
  However, some vaccines have an upper limit age.
 ・Hib infection [upper age: under 10]
 ・Streptococcus pneumoniae infection in children [upper age: under 6 years old]
 ・Hepatitis B
 ・Diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus, Polio (4 types mixed) [upper limit age: under 15 years old]
 ・Diphtheria and tetanus (DT)
 ・Tuberculosis (BCG) [maximum age: under 4 years old]
 ・Measles and Rubella (MR)
 ・Japanese Encephalitis
 ・Human papillomavirus infection (HPV)

System start date

  Applications will be accepted from January 6, 2020.
  (For Vaccinations re-vaccinated after April 2019 is eligible.)
   Please contact the Health and Safety Division (045-671-4190) for detailed procedures.

Grant amount

  Vaccination fees paid at medical institutions
  (Does not include document fees, transportation expenses related to going to the hospital, expenses required for related treatment, etc.)

Subsidy method

  You have to pay the vaccination fee once to the medical institution, and will refund the vaccination fee from Yokohama at a later date.


  Prior application is necessary before re-vaccination to use system.
  If you would like to apply, please contact Health and Social Welfare Bureau-671-4190) should contact us in advance if you wish to apply.
  (However, those who have been vaccinated at the start of the system are excluded.)
  You will also need a written statement for reasons such as an family doctor.

  Regarding refunds, we will inform you about how to refund expenses after applying in advance.
  Please see "Procedure Flow" below for a series of flows.  
  "Flow of procedure (PDF: 173KB)" (PDF: 177KB)


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