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Elderly influenza Vaccinations for

Final update date March 31, 2021

Fiscal 2020 has ended.                             Details of the implementation in FY2021 will be announced around late September 2021.

As new coronavirus infections spread, they will be subject to elderly influenza Vaccinations of the elderly influenza in preparation for the season of seasonal influenza this winter. In fiscal 2020, Vaccinations City'suffic self-pay so that more people can carry out Vaccinations.

About influenza vaccine Vaccinations of
Implementation period
Elderly Influenza cooperating medical institutions for vaccinations of
※Please see here when you visit a medical institution.
Thing necessary for inoculation
Vaccination costs
Number of inoculations

"Guide to 2020 Elderly Influenza Vaccinations (PDF (PDF: 465KB)
The Influenza Vaccinations has been confirmed to be effective in preventing the onset of
Usually, the influenza epidemic is mainly from early January to early March, and the influenza virus is changing every year, so vaccines are manufactured in anticipation of the virus epidemic.
The period during which vaccines maintain sufficient effects is said to be about 5 months from about 2 weeks after vaccination, so it will be a more effective Vaccinations is sufficiently effective is said to be about 2 weeks after vaccination and about 5 months. We set inoculation period.
In general, those over the age of 65 are effective once a year.

There is resident registration in Yokohama-shi, and one corresponding to any of the following 1.2 as of inoculation day
1.65 years or older
2.Those who are over 60 years old and under 65 years old and have impaired heart, kidney, respiratory function, or immune function equivalent to grade 1 due to human immunodeficiency virus

Implementation period (FY2020 ended)

October 1, 2020 (Reiwa 2)-December 31, 2020 (Reiwa 2) (excluding holidays)

 Free (limited to 2020)
※Please note that you will not be able to receive the vaccination for free after the implementation period.

※Vaccinations outside of Cooperating Medical Institutions City are not eligible for this project.
※Reservations may be required, so be sure to check in advance by phone.
※About confirmation of Cooperating Medical Institutions, please click the following ward name.
※We can inoculate other than residential area.

Elderly Influenza cooperating medical institutions for vaccinations of
18 distinctions
Aoba WardIsogo WardKonan WardSeya WardTotsuka WardHodogaya-ku
Asahi WardKanagawa WardKohoku WardTsuzuki Ward  Naka WardMidori Ward
Izumi WardKanazawa WardSakae WardTsurumi WardNishi WardMinami Ward


Address, name and age can be confirmed (health insurance card, driver's license, etc.)
※If you are over 60 and under 65, please bring a document such as a certificate of the physically disabled or a medical certificate that can confirm the degree of disability.
※Every year, those who were exempt from self-pay required documents that could be confirmed, but this year is unnecessary.

(If you inoculate twice, you will be responsible for the second dose in full.)

 Yokohama Vaccinations Call Center
Telephone: 045-30-8561 (FAX045-664-7296)
Reception hours: 9:00-17:00 (excluding weekends, holidays, and the year-end and New Year holidays)
Inquiries about routine immunization carried out by Yokohama City are available at the call center.

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Inquiries to this page

Yokohama Vaccinations Call Center

Telephone: 045-30-8561

Telephone: 045-30-8561

Fax: 045-664-7296

Email address: [email protected]

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