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Vaccinations Overview

Final update date October 1, 2020

Significance and Purpose

Vaccinations raises resistance (immunity) by inoculating vaccines whose efficacy of disease prevention has been confirmed, and in addition to disease prevention,
It is expected to be effective in making it difficult to become severe when it occurs.
It is one of the measures to protect your life and health, not only to prevent the spread of infectious diseases, but also to prevent the spread of infectious diseases.


The Vaccination Law stipulates the type of vaccination, the method of implementation, and the rescue system.
The handling of "regular vaccinations" carried out by local governments, including Yokohama City, and "voluntary vaccinations" to be inoculated by individuals are different.

Handling of Vaccinations Handling

Category 1

Category 2

Diseases and Targets


(Inoculation of the person / guardian)

Periodical vaccination

Class A disease

diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus, acute myelitis (Polio, acute poliomyelitis, Japanese Encephalitis, Tuberculosis, Hib infection, pneumococcal infection in children, chickenpox, hepatitis B, rotavirus infection
Human papillomavirus infection (Yokohama City does not actively recommend it)

Public expenditure

there is

B disease

Elderly influenza
Pneumococcal infection in adults

Part of the public expenditure


voluntary inoculation


Those who are not eligible for regular vaccinations

Out-of-pocket expenses


Temporary vaccination


Inhabitant vaccination at the time of emergency declaration such as new influenza


there is

※As of October 2020

To get vaccinated

To ensure a safer reception of Vaccinations's the following points to ensure safe handling.

1.physical condition

Do not inoculate when the resistance is weak and you know if you have allergies to food or drugs in the past.
We will consider vaccination after consulting with a doctor, so that everyone can be vaccinated with perfect physical condition.

2.Those who cannot be vaccinated

・Those with obvious fever (37.5 ° C or higher)
・Those who are known to have serious acute illness
・Those who have had a severe allergic reaction due to the components of the vaccination vaccine
・In addition, those who are judged to be inappropriate by the doctor

3.Those who need to consult with the doctor in charge

・Those with underlying diseases such as cardiovascular system, kidney, liver, and blood
・Those who have had fever within 2 days after vaccination in Vaccinations suspected allergies such as systemic rash.
Those who have had symptoms
・Those who have had convulsions in the past
・Those who have been diagnosed with immunodeficiency in the past and those whose relatives have congenital immunodeficiency

4.General attention after inoculation

・Sudden side effects may occur for 30 minutes after vaccination, so be sure to contact your doctor.
・You can take a bath, but do not rub the injection site strongly.
・Let's avoid intense exercise on the day of vaccination.

5.Vaccination interval

Please note that the interval between different types of live injections must be at least 27 days from the date of vaccination to the time of vaccination of different types of live vaccines.
※Excludes mixed vaccines. Simultaneous vaccination is possible if the doctor deems it necessary.

About vaccination interval

Until next Vaccinations
Number of days required

Vaccine Type

Vaccine name

27 days or more

[Injection] live vaccine

BCG, measles and rubella mixed (MR), measles, rubella, mumps, chickenpox, etc.



It is for those who have an resident certificate (If you have a resident certificate is located in another municipality, please contact the municipality concerned.)

inoculation place

We carry out in medical institution (Cooperating Medical Institutions City is a member of the Yokohama City Medical Association.
Reservations may be required, so be sure to check in advance by telephone.

What you bring at the time of vaccination

・Address, those whose age can be confirmed (license and health insurance card)
・Maternal and Child Handbook (Vaccinations
・Pre-examination vouchers (individual distribution, obtained at ward offices and medical institutions, depending on type of Vaccinations

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