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Wind Shin Additional Measures Business (Fifth Periodical Vaccination)

Final update date June 1, 2021

About wind shin

When infected with the rubella virus, symptoms such as rash, fever, and swelling of the lymph nodes behind the neck appear after an incubation period of about 2 to 3 weeks. Symptoms such as cough, nasal discharge, and red eyes (challenging of the conjunctival) may be seen.
When a pregnant woman becomes infected with rubella, it can also infect the baby on the stomach, causing "congenital rubella syndrome", which is difficult to hear, hard to see, and has abnormalities in the heart.


Men born between April 2, 1962 and April 1, 1979
・In fiscal 2019, coupons were sent to men born between April 2, 1972 and April 1, 1979.
・In fiscal 2020, coupons were sent to men born between April 2, 1962 and April 1, 1972.
If you wish to resend it due to loss, etc., please contact Yokohama City Vaccinations Call again due to loss.

2. Implementation period

From late June 2019 to March 31, 2022 ※However, this excludes medical institution holidays.
[The expiration date of the coupon has been extended. ]
Coupons sent in FY2019 or FY2020 can be used as they are without modification until February 2022 for both antibody tests and Vaccinations's expiration date.

3 Implementation details

Antibody tests are always performed to check the antibody titer of rubella.
As a result of antibody test, we perform Vaccinations) vaccine to person who does not have enough rubella antibody as a result of antibody test.

4. Vaccination sites

Rubella Antibody Test and Rubella 5th Periodical Vaccination Contract Medical Institution (National)
Antibody tests and vaccinations are available at medical institutions nationwide that provide additional measures against rubella.
Click here for medical institutions nationwide (external site)

Main Cooperating Medical Institutions of main city

18 distinctions

Aoba Ward (PDF: 106KB)Isogo Ward (PDF: 457KB)Konan Ward (PDF: 201KB)Seya Ward (PDF: 190KB)Totsuka Ward (PDF: 198KB)Hodogaya Ward (PDF: 194KB)
Asahi Ward (PDF: 197KB)Kanagawa Ward (PDF: 226KB)Kohoku Ward (PDF: 797KB)Tsuzuki Ward   (PDF: 200KB)Naka Ward (PDF: 200KB)Midori Ward (PDF: 194KB)
Izumi Ward (PDF: 192KB)Kanazawa Ward (PDF: 198KB)Sakae Ward (188KB)Tsurumi Ward (PDF: 92KB)Nishi Ward (PDF: 192KB)Minami Ward (PDF: 331KB)

5. Expenses


6 Necessary items for consultation

①Coupon tickets
②Antibody Test Consultation
③Address, name and age can be confirmed (driver's license, health insurance card, etc.)
(As we send 1 and 2, we send from Yokohama-shi, please refer when you do not have it.)

1 Antibody Test / How to Vaccinations-Please bring your coupon to a medical institution without sticking it-

Step1 A coupon will be sent from Yokohama.

In fiscal 2019, we sent out to men born between April 2, 1972 and April 1, 1979 in late June.
In fiscal 2020, we sent out to men born between April 2, 1962 and April 1, 1972 in late March.
※Coupons are required to receive antibody tests and vaccinations. If you do not have a coupon at hand, please contact Yokohama City Vaccinations if you do not have a coupon at hand.

Step2 I have a rubella antibody test.

First, take a rubella antibody test to find out if you have enough rubella antibodies. Make an appointment after telling the executing agency that you have a "coupon" in advance, and be sure to make a "coupon", "antibody test consultation slip", and identity verification documents (license, my number card, etc.) on the day of the consultation. Please bring it.

Step3 I'll take Vaccinations.

If you are determined to have no rubella antibody as a result of an antibody test, please get a measles-rubella mixed (MR) vaccine.
※Both antibody tests and Vaccinations should check by phone before going to the executing agency.

2 Before you get vaccinated-Please read it~

(1) General precautions

Vaccinations City will inoculate if you wish to inoculate, so please fully understand the efficacy and side reactions before receiving the vaccination.

(2) Those who cannot be vaccinated

 A) Those who have a clear fever (37.5 degrees or more)
 B. Those who are known to have serious acute illness
 Those who have had anaphylactic shock (*) due to the components of the omen rubella vaccine
 (* Anaphylactic shock: A severe allergic reaction that usually occurs within about 30 minutes after vaccination)
 D. In addition, those whose physician determines that the condition is inappropriate

(3) Those who need to consult with their doctor when receiving vaccinations

 (A) Those who have underlying diseases such as cardiovascular disease, renal disease, liver disease, and blood disease
 B) Those who have had fever within 2 days after vaccination and those who have had symptoms of suspected allergies such as systemic rash in Vaccinations.
 C. Those who have had convulsions in the past
 D) Those who have been diagnosed with immunodeficiency in the past and those whose relatives have congenital immunodeficiency
 Those who may be allergic to the components of the O measles-rubella mixed vaccine

3 Vaccinations's Note

 (1) Sudden side effects may occur for 30 minutes after vaccination, so be sure to contact your doctor.
 (2) After inoculation, be careful of the appearance of side reactions for 4 weeks with the live vaccine.
 (3) You can take a bath, but do not rub the injection site strongly.
 (4) Avoid intense exercise and heavy drinking on the day of vaccination.
 (5) If there is any abnormal reaction or physical condition at the site of vaccination after vaccination, see a doctor immediately.

4. Vaccinations Health Damage Relief System

If a side effect of Vaccinations's side effects can result in compensation based on the Immunization Act if treatment at a medical institution is required, or if there is a disability that may interfere with life, etc. . Please refer to each ward Health and Welfare Division about procedure when health damage by Vaccinations health damage.

Information for medical institutions and medical institutions

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