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BCG Vaccinations

Final update date March 31, 2021

Tuberculosis is

   It is caused by infection with M. tuberculosis. In Japan, about 18,000 patients still occur every year.
  It is often transmitted from adults to children.
   In addition, the resistance (immunity) to tuberculosis cannot be obtained from the mother, so it was just born.
  The baby is also worried about tuberculosis.
   If you are infected with tuberculosis, it may cause tuberculous meningitis and may leave severe sequelae.
  When you reach the age of five months, get a BCG vaccination as soon as possible.
   If you have a tuberculosis patient around and suspect infection, please consult with your ward office Health Promotion Section and are suspected of having a tuberculosis patient around you.


  The inoculation method of BCG is called the tube needle method, and it is pressed by stamp method to two places of upper arm and inoculated.
  The inoculation site is dried in the shade for about 10 minutes.

  [Standard schedule]
   Once between 5 months and 8 months of age

  [Free age]
   0 months old or older and under 1 year old (until the day before the 1st birthday)

side reaction of vaccine

  About 10 days after inoculation, red spots are formed at the inoculation site, and small pus may be formed in some parts.
  This reaction is strongest about 4 weeks after inoculation, but then scabs are formed, and by about 3 months after inoculation,
  It will only remain after the inoculation. This is not an abnormal reaction, but evidence that BCG vaccination has increased resistance (immunity).
  As it will heal naturally, do not bandage it or stick it on, and keep it clean.
   However, if you feel sick after vaccination after 3 months, please consult your doctor.
   In addition, lymph nodes beneath the inoculated side may rarely swell. Normally, if you look at the situation as it is,
  It will heal, but if it swells greatly, suppurates and spontaneously breaks and pus appear, or if the inoculation site droops,
  Please contact the inoculated medical institution.

   Although rare, serious side effects include shock, anaphylaxis, systemic sowing BCG infection, otitis, bone marrowitis, and
  Osteomyelitis and skin nodal lesions are cited.

About Coch phenomenon

   If your child is infected with M. tuberculosis before vaccination, inoculate BCG, and within 10 days after vaccination, redness at the local site of vaccination,
  Swelling and suppuration occur, and usually a series of reactions to fade, scar, and cure after 2 to 4 weeks.
  It can happen. This is called the Koch phenomenon.
   If a child sees a reaction that seems to be this "Koch phenomenon", the medical institution or vaccination was performed.
  Please contact your ward office Health Promotion Section of your ward, please.

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