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About vaccination of new coronavirus

Final update date May 12, 2021

In Yokohama-shi, we push forward preparations for vaccine to be able to inoculate in various parts of the city according to inoculation order that country shows for new coronavirus vaccination of citizens. In the future, we will guide you about the target of vaccination, individual notification, vaccination method, etc. for the scheduled start of vaccination.
(Note) About vaccine made by Pfizer, inoculation target is one 16 years or older. Information on inoculation of other vaccines to those under the age of 16 will be updated as appropriate based on national information.


About shipping time of one separate notice (including vaccination coupons

We send individual notice to citizens based on inoculation priority that country shows. The individual notification includes an vaccination coupons, a vaccine manual, and a vaccination guide flyer are enclosed in the individual notification. You can make a reservation and receive a vaccination from those who have received vaccination coupons will receive a vaccination.

The following table shows the timing of sending individual notices for vaccinations for the elderly (those who will be 65 years or older during 2021).

[Important Notice (Updated May 12)]

In ordervaccination coupons will change the shipping date for individual notices (including those aged 65 to 69) as follows to ease the concentration of reservations at the reservation center.

<Before change> Shipment on May 14 (Friday)

<After change> May 17 (Monday) shipment

Delivery time of individual notification for vaccination for the elderly
Date of shipmentTargetsNumber of people in the city

Friday, April 23


over 80 years oldabout 340,000 people

Friday, April 30

75-79 years oldApproximately 190,000 people

Monday, May 10


70-74 years oldabout 250,000 people

Monday, May 17
※Date of shipment change

65-69 years oldApproximately 190,000 people

※It is expected that it will take several days from shipping to delivery to citizens. (The consecutive holidays may take about one week.)
(Note) About person except elderly person, we are going to send notice based on inoculation order that country shows.

(Reference) Inoculation order
1healthcare professionals
2Elderly (65 years old or older by 2021)
3Persons with underlying diseases, workers at facilities for the elderly, etc.
4.Other than the above

2 Forecast of vaccination for the elderly (as of May 12)

We start "facility inoculation" for users of elderly facilities from Monday, April 12.

From Monday, May 17, "group vaccination City 19 venues in 18 wards from Monday, May 17th.

In addition, from Monday, May 24, we start "individual vaccination) at nearby hospitals and clinics will be launched at hospitals and hospitals close to the city.

From Monday, June 7, "Other venues" will be set up sequentially, and a venue where group vaccination.

In line with the government policy, we will promote the establishment of large-scale vaccination venues so that all elderly people who wish to receive vaccinations by the end of July can receive vaccinations.

3. Reservations for group vaccination

You need to make a reservation in advance to get a group vaccination. You can also make reservations at venues other than your ward.

Person who received individual notice can make a reservation by exclusive reservation site (PC, smartphone) of Yokohama-shi and telephone.

Please note that reservations are not accepted at city halls, ward offices and venues.

For details, go to this reservation page.

4. List of group vaccination

The inoculation site will be added sequentially from June 7th.
From the time of reservation on May 17, reservations for new venues will be accepted.
Vaccinations are also available at venues other than your ward.
There is no parking for vaccination in principle, so please come by public transport.

List of group vaccination venue list (as of May 12)
Ward nameVenue NamePeriodImplementation day (planned)


Tsurumi WardTsurumi public hall (outside site)May~   
Tsurumi Sports Center (outside site) ※1June~During implementation day adjustment
Kanagawa WardKanagawa public hall of Kanagawa (outside site)May~   
Sugeta district center (outside site) ※1June~   
Kanagawa District Center (outside site)June-early July   
Yokohama Disaster Risk Reduction Learning Center (outside site)Early July~   
Nishi WardWest public hall West District Center (outside site)May 19-June 27   
West Sports Center (outside site)June 30~   
Fujidana district center (outside site)June~    afternoon
Naka WardYokohama City Skilled Cultural Center (outside site)May~   
Middle sports center (outside site)May 19-June 27   
Honmaki district center (outside site)July~   
Yokohama Budokan (outside site)June to mid-July   
Minami WardSouth public hall (outside site)May~   
Minami Sports Center (outside site)June~  afternoonafternoon afternoon
Konan WardKonan Sports Center (outside site)May~   
Former Noba Junior HighJune~   
Hodogaya WardHodogaya Sports Center (outside site) ※2May~   
Asahi WardAsahi Sports Center (outside site) ※1 ※2May~   
Isogo WardIsoko Sports Center (outside site) ※2May~   
Kanazawa WardKanazawa district center (outside site)May~   
Bireyokohama New Building 2F (External Site)June~-  -- -
Kohoku WardKohoku public hall (outside site)May~   
Sports Medical Science Center (outside site) ※1June-June end   afternoon
Tsunashima District Center (outside site)From the end of June to the end of June   afternoon
Midori WardGreen public hall of Greenery (outside site)May~   
Nagatsuda district center (outside site) ※1June~     
Aoba WardAoba public hall (outside site), Aoba Sports Center ※2May~afternoonafternoonafternoonafternoonafternoonafternoon
Tsuzuki Ward  Tsuzuki public hall (outside site)May~   afternoon
Tsuzuki district center (outside site)June~  Adjustment afternoon
Totsuka WardTotsuka Sports Center (outside site)May~   
Higashitozuka district center (outside site)June~   
Sakae Ward

Sakae Sports Center (outside site) ※3

May~ afternoon 
Izumi WardIzumi public hall Izumi (outside site)May~   afternoon
Izumi Ward General Government BuildingJune~     afternoon

Seya Ward

Seya Sports Center (outside site)
※1 ※2
Seya Ward General Government BuildingJuly~     afternoon

●… From 9:45 to 15:30 (planned)…From 10:00 to 15:45 (planned)
afternoon … From 13:15 to 15:30 (planned)
※1 We plan to operate a free shuttle bus from the nearest station. For details on the shuttle bus, etc., which has been decided at the moment, go to this page.
※2 From June, we plan to expand the number of vaccination booths.
※3 The Sakae Ward venue will be expanded from the beginning to Tuesday afternoon.

About "individual vaccination to be implemented at medical institutions in five cities

From Monday, May 24, "individual vaccination City on May 24 (Monday) at medical institutions. Details here

6. Vaccination costs

All vaccinations are made at national expense and no self-pay is incurred.

※About medical treatment before and after inoculation, self-pay may occur as normal medical treatment.

7 Vaccination Call Center

About Reception hours, Phone number
Phone number

※There are many mistakes in calling. Please check Phone number should be checked once again and be careful when making mistakes.

Reception hoursFrom 9:00 to 19:00 Saturday, Sunday, public holidays and holidays are also held.
Response languageAvailable in eight languages. (Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Nepali, Spanish, Portuguese)

※Fax number for people with hearing impairments.

8 vaccine NEWS

It is a flyer that summarizes the latest information on the new coronavirus vaccination in Yokohama.

9 Frequently Asked Questions

10 Related Information

Pfizer's vaccine may show pain, fatigue, headache, muscle and joint pain, chills, diarrhea, fever, etc. in the injection after vaccination. Most of these symptoms have recovered within a few days after vaccination.

Specifically, please confirm (outside site) Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare homepage (outside site).

For more information on the effectiveness and safety of the new corona vaccine, please visit the Prime Minister's Office website or the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare website.

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Inquiries to this page

Yokohama-shi new coronavirus vaccination call center

Telephone: Please be careful not to call 0120-045-070.

Telephone: Please be careful not to call 0120-045-070.

Fax: 050-3588-7191 For inquiries by deaf people

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