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About vaccination of new coronavirus

Last update date March 1, 2021

In Yokohama-shi, we push forward preparations for new coronavirus vaccination of citizen's all of you so that vaccine inoculates according to inoculation order that country shows at each site in city. For planned inoculation start, we will inform about inoculation eligible people and individual notice, inoculation technique in future.

About the present correspondence of Motoichi on the basis of the vaccine supply situation

 On the basis of vaccine supply schedule shown by country recently, we cope as follows for the time being.

① About vaccine supply to Motoichi

 Kanagawa is adjusting about supply to Yokohama-shi of vaccine made in original Pfizer Corporation now in April, but it is expected that it becomes very fewer than the number of the eligible people of Motoichi (the number of elderly people 65 years or older: about 930,000).

② About the present correspondence

  • About individual notice (we include vaccination coupons) that we are going to ship from the end of March, it stops sending for the time being.
  • Vaccination of Motoichi starts from facility inoculation (elderly person facilities).
    In addition, about facilities of concreteness to enforce facility inoculation, we are adjusting now.
  • About group vaccination, individual vaccination, it stops conduct until vaccine supply after April 26 becomes clear.


About summary of 1 inoculation

All hoping citizen's all of you (note) can receive vaccination of new coronavirus.

To citizen's all of you, we will ship individual notice (we include vaccination coupons) in future. We have you make a reservation from where vaccination coupons arrived and can receive vaccination.

(note), about vaccine made in Pfizer Corporation, inoculation object becomes people 16 years or older. About information about inoculation to people of other vaccine under 16, we will update based on information of country appropriately in future.

We send out individual notice to citizen's all of you from Yokohama-shi on inoculating.

We put off shipment time for each eligible people, and individual notice is going to ship notice to avoid inquiry and reservation concentration to call center after shipment.

In addition, we planned shipment of individual notice (we include vaccination coupons) for elderly people at first from the end of March, but stop shipment on the basis of the vaccine supply situation from country for the time being.

For details, please refer to present correspondence nitsuiteogo of Motoichi on the basis of the vaccine supply situation.

Individual notice (we include vaccination coupons) is going to ship in order of next.
Vaccination coupons shipment timeEligible peopleThe number of the city eligible peopleIs going to inoculate; time
Undecided80 years or older (elderly person)About 290,000 peopleUndecided
Undecided75 years or older (elderly person)About 190,000 peopleUndecided

※Two phases of shipment

70 years or older (elderly person)About 240,000 peopleUndecided
65 years or older (elderly person)About 200,000 peopleUndecided

Underlying disease maintainer

About 240,000 peopleUndecided

Workers such as elderly person facilities

About 56,000 peopleUndecided
Except the aboveAbout 2.37 million peopleUndecided

Inoculation method is going to carry out "group vaccination" to perform in special event space that ① city establishes by three technique of "facility inoculation" that "individual vaccination" to perform in hospital, clinics which ② is familiar to performs in ③ elderly person facility.

About group vaccination venue, we expand sequentially.

Inoculation technique and inoculation place
Inoculation technique①Group vaccination②Individual vaccination③Facility inoculation
Inoculation place
  • 18 wards of public hall, sports centers (according to the list shown below)
  • Other venues (during adjustment)

Hospital, clinics in the city (during adjustment)

Elderly person facility (it applies in facility users)

Group vaccination venue ※As of February 16, 2021. Venue is going to expand sequentially.
WardVenue name
Tsurumi WardTsurumi public hall
Kanagawa WardKanagawa public hall
Nishi WardThe west public hall, the west district center
Naka WardSkill Cultural Center
Middle sports center
Minami WardThe south public hall
Konan WardKonan sports center
Hodogaya WardHodogaya sports center
Asahi WardAsahi sports center
Isogo WardIsogo sports center
Kanazawa WardKanazawa district center
Kohoku WardKohoku public hall
Midori WardGreen public hall
Aoba WardGreen leaves public hall, green leaves sports center
Tsuzuki Ward  Tsuzuki public hall
Totsuka WardTozuka sports center
Sakae WardSakae sports center
Izumi WardSpring public hall
Seya WardSeya sports center

We inoculate by total amount public funds, and self-pay does not occur.

※About medical treatment before and after inoculation, self-pay may occur as normal medical treatment.

 We establish reservation system (※) for vaccination newly. You make a reservation of facility inoculation except eligible people in one of group vaccination or the individual vaccination, and please receive inoculation.

 We will tell about concrete reservation method in future.

※Reservation system…System which can be reserved by smartphone PC and telephone

Call center for exclusive use of 2 vaccination

① Setting time

March 1, 2021

② Business content

Inquiry about vaccination

About Phone number, Reception hours
Phone number0120-045-070
Reception hoursIt is carried out on Saturday on Sundays and holidays, holiday on Sunday until from 9:00 to 19:00
Correspondence languageIt supports four languages. (Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean)

※It is FAX number for inquiry of deaf person.

About vice-reaction of 3 vaccine

With overseas vaccine (vaccine which Pfizer Corporation, AstraZeneca Corporation, moderuna company, Nova Bucks Corporation are developing) planning supply to Japan, it is announced in articles after the vaccination that pain of inoculation part or headache, lassitude, muscular pain were seen.

For more details, please confirm Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare homepage (the outside site).

4 related information

For more information about the effectiveness, safety of new corona vaccine, please see the Prime Minister's office homepage or Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare homepage.

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Telephone: 0120-045-070

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