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About tuberculosis

Last update date April 23, 2019

"Tuberculosis" is not past disease.
It is the nation's largest infectious disease, and about 17,000 a year (2017) new patients are discovered even now in the whole country. In addition, tuberculosis of relatively young person and elderly person increases recently.
Tuberculosis is disease to be cured if we take medicine properly. We receive examination for chest X-rays once a year, and let's talk with medical institution early when we have symptom.

  • When symptoms such as protracted cough, slight fever, sputum more than two weeks continue, let's talk with medical institution.
  • Let's receive medical examination (examination for chest X-rays) once a year.
    ※Person 65 years or older becomes easy to have in particular tuberculosis by drop of physical strength.
      We will receive by all means.


Acceptance of tuberculosis commuter pass physical checkup costs assistance business of 2018 was finished.
 →Receptionist of tuberculosis commuter pass physical checkup costs assistance business of 2019 plans the time in autumn.
   We publish in this page as soon as the details are decided.

Business summary

Consultation, support about tuberculosis

About tuberculosis commuter pass physical checkup

[to representative of school, hospital, clinics , assistant delivery room, care for the elder healthcare facility, social welfare facility, detective facility, managers]
For student, worker, person of entrance, you perform periodical physical checkup affecting tuberculosis and must report to public health center.
※Grounds laws and ordinances: Law (1998 law No. 114) about medical care for the patients with prevention of infectious disease and infectious disease
       2, the seventh prize of Article 53 of Article 53
Facility targeted for 1 and target person
   Please confirm this; about ⇒ "tuberculosis commuter pass physical checkup" (PDF: 143KB)
2 report methods and report submission
   Please send the report mentioned above to each ward Health and Welfare Center Health and Welfare Division Health Promotion Section of the location by mail or FAX.
   (it is only report to have you submit)
   Report submission: List of each ward Health and Welfare Center Health and Welfare Division Health Promotion Section (PDF: 74KB)
3 tuberculosis commuter pass physical checkup conduct reports

Style and entry example
Target facility  
It is for elementary and junior high schoolStyle (Excel: 17KB)Entry example (PDF: 239KB)
High school, higher vocational school useStyle (Excel: 18KB)Entry example (PDF: 259KB)
University, junior college, graduate school useStyle (Excel: 18KB)Entry example (PDF: 259KB)
It is for specialization, vocational schoolStyle (Excel: 18KB)Entry example (PDF: 260KB)
Hospital, clinics , obstetrical businessStyle (Excel: 18KB)Entry example (PDF: 201KB)
Care for the elder healthcare facility useStyle (Excel: 18KB)Entry example (PDF: 256KB)
It is for social welfare facilityStyle (Excel: 18KB)Entry example (PDF: 227KB)
It is for detective facilityStyle (Excel: 18KB)Entry example (PDF: 254KB)

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Medical institution use

Homepage about tuberculosis concerned

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