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About consultation counter about new coronavirus infectious disease (call center)

Final update date April 1, 2021

If you have symptoms suspected of being infected with a new coronavirus infection and would like to see a doctor, first if you have a GP.
Please consult with your GP (such as your immediate clinics.
If you do not know the medical institution to be consulted, such as when you do not have a GP or cannot consult your GP,
Please consult the following window.
- Those who have a cold-like symptom and wish to see a doctor
- I have no symptoms
 "Some people may have become close contacts because they have been infected."
 "I was notified of the possibility of close contact with the contact confirmation app (COCOA)."
Those who are worried about such things
- Consultation on new coronavirus infectious diseases such as "I'm worried that infected people will come out in a familiar place" and "I want to know the symptoms of infectious diseases"
For consultation of such people,
Please talk with "Yokohama-shi new coronavirus infectious disease call center (returnee, contact person consultation center)".

Telephone: 045-550-5530 (24 hours)
FAX: 045-846-0500 (for people with hearing impairments)

- After 17:00 and on holidays, the number of medical institutions that can be guided is limited, and information may be provided after the next day.
- Regardless of the above (especially at night and on holidays), if the symptoms are severe or gradually worsen, it is necessary to consult a doctor in advance.
 Please consult an emergency medical institution, or if you are in a hurry, ask for emergency transport at 119.
Basic consultation flow (PDF version) (PDF: 125KB)

Estimated consultation

Estimated consultation

If at least any of the following applies, please contact us immediately. (If these are not applicable, consultation is also possible.)
●If you have any of the strong symptoms such as breathlessness (dyspnea), strong laxity (malaise), or high fever.
●Those who are likely to become severe (*) and have relatively mild cold symptoms such as fever and cough.
(*) Elderly people, diabetes, heart failure, those with underlying diseases such as respiratory diseases (COPD, etc.) or those receiving dialysis, those using immunosuppressants or anticancer drugs, etc.
●If the symptoms of a relatively mild cold such as fever or cough continue other than the above
(If the symptoms persist for more than 4 days, please consult us. Symptoms vary from person to person, so if you think you have strong symptoms, consult immediately. The same applies to those who have to continue drinking antipyretics. )

Consultation and general consultation for those who have cold-like symptoms such as fever, sore throat (pain in the throat), cough, etc.

Yokohama-shi new coronavirus infectious disease call center (returnee, contact person consultation center)

Consultation on consultation
Returnees from endemic areas of the new coronavirus
・Person who has been in contact with new coronavirus infection patient
・Those who have been notified of the possibility of close contact from the contact confirmation application (COCOA)
・Person who has symptoms (symptom like cold) suspected of new coronavirus infection such as fever, sore throat (pain in the throat), cough
We receive consultation from such as and guide medical institution which can accept one corresponding to the suspicion of the infectious disease as needed.

General consultation on new coronavirus
We will respond to general consultations on new coronavirus infections, including the characteristics of infectious diseases, preventive methods, and responses to symptoms.

Phone number Reception hours
Phone number

※When calling, we will record your inquiries in order to accurately check the contents and improve customer services such as telephone reception.

Reception hours 24-hour reception (including weekends and holidays)

If you have difficulty in making inquiries to the above due to consultation regarding consultation, please contact us by fax (045-846-0500). (We will reply by fax.)
Reference: Information facilities for the hearing impaired (outside site)
Hearing impaired person, please use FAX consultation vote (PDF: 157KB).

About answer to opinions about "new coronavirus infectious disease" (from April 16, 2020)

We have you send many opinions about new coronavirus infectious disease from citizens now. We will take your opinions seriously and reflect them in future work as much as possible, but it is currently difficult to respond individually. For this reason, those with many opinions will be released as "Frequently Asked Opinions and Questions" in order, and will be replaced with individual answers to the opinions received. We appreciate your understanding and understanding.
Frequently Asked Questions About New Coronavirus

Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare's telephone consultation service

Phone number Reception hours
Phone number0120-5653 (toll-free)
Reception hoursFrom 9:00 am to 9:00 pm (including weekends and holidays)

※Please note that the new number (toll-free number) has been changed from 9:00 on Friday, February 7th.
For details, please check the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare website (outside site).

Call Center for Foreign Tourists (Tourism Agency)

The Japan Tourism Bureau (JNTO) has established a multilingual call center "Japan Visitor Hotline" 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, to ensure the safety and security of foreign tourists in an emergency. We also respond to inquiries.
For details, please refer to the Notice of Call Center for Foreign Tourists-Inquiries about New Coronavirus-Related Information in Multilingual Languages-(Tourism Agency website) (external site).

Phone number Reception hours
Phone number050-3816-2787
Reception hours24 hours a day, 365 days a year
Response languageEnglish, Chinese, Korean, Japanese
ScopeEmergency information (disease, accident, etc.), disaster information, general tourist information

Main consultation

  • Cancellation fees
    • I have to cancel my hotel, but where should I contact if I want a refund?
  • complaining of poor physical condition
    • I have symptoms of cough and fever, and I am worried that it is a new coronavirus.
    • Customers staying at the hotel have symptoms of cough and fever.

If you have difficulty in contacting the above call centers, please contact us by addressing the following email address or fax number.

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Inquiries to this page

Health and Social Welfare Bureau Health and Safety Department Health and Safety Division

Fax: 045-664-7296 (* It is not the call center number.)

Email address: [email protected] (* It is not the address of the call center.)

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