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About consultation counter about new coronavirus infectious disease (call center)

Last update date December 11, 2020

We have symptom to doubt infection to new coronavirus infectious disease, and please consult with, at first, family medicine (imminent clinics ) about that wishes to have a medical examination when there is family medicine.
When there is not family medicine or cannot have a medical examination in family medicine, and medical institution to consult is not identified, please consult with the following windows.
* Please talk about medical institution that consultation is hoped for with "medical appointment center such as fever" of Kanagawa in a fever, throat (pain of throat), cough with either symptom.
* We have symptom except fever, throat (pain of throat), a cough, and there are not and symptom that consultation is hoped for, but please consult with "Yokohama-shi new model coronavirus infectious disease call center" (returnee, contact consultation center) about general consultation about new model coronavirus infectious disease, thing about consultation "that which "it might have been to close contact" received notice about possibility of close contact by contact confirmation application" (COCOA) and which "infected person appears at familiar place and is worried" "want to know symptom of infectious disease".
* Guidable medical institution is limited, and after 17:00 and holiday may become guidance after the next day.
* (particularly night holiday) symptom is severe regardless of the above, gradually turn worse, and have emergency care engine have a medical examination after advance notice when urgent consultation is necessary, or please ask for emergency conveyance with the 119th when hurry particularly.

Indication of consultation consultation

Indication to have you talk

When you correspond to at least any of the following, please talk immediately. (consultation when we do not correspond to these is possible.)
●When there is one of the strong symptoms such as suffocation (dyspnea), strong tiredness (lassitude), high heat
●When, in (※) which is easy to be aggravated, there is symptom of a relatively light cold such as fever or a cough
(※) Immunosuppressive drug undergoing and dialysis with underlying disease and elderly person, diabetes, heart failure, respiratory illness (COPD) which we use anticancer agents for
●When symptom of a relatively light cold including fever and a cough continues in except the above
(when symptom continues more than four days, please consult by all means. As there are individual differences in symptom, please talk immediately when you think to be strong symptom. Person who must continue taking antifebriles is similar.)

Consultation of a fever, throat (pain of throat), cough that we have either symptom, and consultation of medical institution is hoped for

Medical appointment center such as Kanagawa fever

Phone number, Reception hours
Phone number 0570-048914
※Call not to lead to the number including some IP telephone mentioned above is 045-285-1015
Reception hours From 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. (including Saturdays, Sundays and holidays)

Consultation of that consultation is hoped for in with symptom except fever, throat (pain of throat), a cough, general consultation

Yokohama-shi new model coronavirus infectious disease call center (returnee, contact consultation center)

Consultation about consultation
・Returnee from endemic area of new coronavirus
・With a history of contact with patients with new coronavirus infectious disease
・It is notice tray figure close contact of possibility from contact confirmation application (COCOA)
・With symptom (symptom such as a cold) to doubt new coronavirus infectious disease other than fever, throat (pain of throat), cough
We receive nadokara consultation and tie the infectious disease corresponding to doubt to acceptable medical institution.

General consultation about new coronavirus
We answer characteristic of infectious disease, preventive method, general consultation about new coronavirus infectious disease including correspondence at the time of existence symptom.

Phone number, Reception hours
Phone number

※In the case of telephone, we record inquiry contents for accurate confirmation and improvement of contents in customer services of telephone reception desks.

Reception hours 24 hours acceptance (we include on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays)

Person having difficulty in inquiry to the above puts fax (045-846-0500) by consultation about consultation, and please refer. (we reply by fax.)
Reference: Hearing person with a disability reporting facility (the outside site)
Hearing person with a disability, please use FAX consultation vote (PDF: 157KB).

About answer to opinions about "new coronavirus infectious disease" (April 16, 2020 ...)

We are having many opinions about new coronavirus infectious disease approach from citizen's all of you now. It is sincere, and it accepts opinions that it had, and it reflects for future duties as much as possible, but it is the difficult situation that replies individually now. Therefore, about thing with many opinions, we release as "common opinion, question" sequentially and change to individual answer to opinion that had you put. We would appreciate your understanding, understanding.
About common question about new coronavirus

Telephone consultation counter of Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare

Phone number, Reception hours
Phone number0120-565653 (toll free number)
Reception hoursFrom 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. (include on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays)

※As it became number (toll free number) that is newer than 9:00 on Friday, February 7, please be careful.
For details, please confirm Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare homepage (the outside site).

Call center (Japan Tourism Agency) for foreign tourists

It is multilingual and, in Japanese Government tourist bureau (JNTO), establishes coping call center "Japan Visitor Hotline" for safe reliable securing of foreign tourist at the time of emergency 365 days for 24 hours and copes with new model coronavirus-related inquiry.
For details, please confirm ... (Japan Tourism Agency homepage) (the outside site) where inquiry copes with about announcement of call center - new model coronavirus connection for foreign tourists multilingually.

Phone number, Reception hours
Phone number050-3816-2787
Reception hours365 days, 24 hours
Correspondence languageEnglish, Chinese, Korean, Japanese
Correspondence rangeEmergency guidance (disease, accident), disaster guidance, general guidebook

Main consultation contents

  • Cancellation fee relations
    • We came to cannot but cancel hotel, but where should we ask when you wish to refund?
  • Suit in poor physical condition
    • We have a cough, symptom of fever and want to be examined because we are afraid whether it is not new coronavirus.
    • We have a cough, symptom of fever to customer staying at hotel.

Person having difficulty in inquiry to the call centers mentioned above puts the following e-mail address or fax number, and please refer.

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