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About mosquito monitoring

Final update date May 14, 2019

Since fiscal 2011, we have been conducting periodic mosquito-borne monitoring surveys on mosquito-borne infections, including dengue and chikungunya.
From 2015, we have added a place to conduct the program from the viewpoints of "many users," "many tourists visit," and "many events are held."
In fiscal 2019, with the holding of the Rugby World Cup 2019 TM and the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games, the number of research locations around both competition venues has been expanded.
Viruses have never been detected in mosquitoes we have investigated so far.

About mosquito monitoring

・Implementation: 25 parks and harbor districts in the city (19 until 2014)
・Implementation period: June to October (2019 starts in May for 6 locations)
・Survey: Mosquito habitat (type and density of inhabiting) and virus (dengue virus, etc.) that causes major mosquito-borne infections
List of Survey Locations for FY2019 (PDF: 52KB)

Survey results

As for the summary of mosquito habitat situation investigation and past virus test results, please see each next page of Yokohama City Health Research Institute.
In addition, about Aedes albopictus, you can see test result breaking news on page of Yokohama-shi hygiene research institute "pathogen information".

Implemented in FY2019

Virus test results of mosquito-borne infections in Yokohama
・Inspection Information Monthly Report January 2020 Issue Mosquito Adult Inhabitation Survey Results in Yokohama City (May to October 2019)

Implemented in FY2018

Press release

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