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About influenza (seasonal flu)

It is acute respiratory infectious disease to be caused by infection of influenza virus. The loud fashion is in winter every year in the country.

Last update date January 6, 2020

Let's do prophylaxis to prevent aggravation!

Whole body is easy to show symptom than a normal cold and may become seriously ill in people with chronic disease, people becoming pregnant to people, heart and kidney, respiratory organs which child, elderly person, immunity decrease.

Basic information

Type of 1 influenza virus
Influenza virus causing seasonal flu has type A, type B mainly.

2 symptoms
We are infected with virus, and the following symptom begins 1-3 days later.
In many cases, we recover in 1-2 weeks, but it is aggravated and may result in death among them.

  • Sudden heat, chill
  • A cough, mucus, sore throat
  • Headache
  • Pain of bodies such as joint or muscle
  • Fatigue

◎ Convulsions, abnormal behavior may take action abnormally, and we see enough, and defense is necessary for minor.
◎ There is a lot of without showing typical symptom (high heat and whole body weariness) in the case of elderly person when it presents only slight fever and lingering respiratory symptom.
◎ The influenza-related death is frequent in elderly person.

3 complications
There are various complications including dangerously ill thing needing pneumonia, encephalitis, hospitalization including myocarditis from relatively light things such as otitis media. In addition, as for the person with chronic disease, condition may turn worse to heart and kidney, respiratory organs. Case that aftereffects remain among them may result in death.
As infants and elderly person, pregnant woman, person whom immunity decreases are easy to be aggravated in particular, the prevention is important not to suffer from influenza.

4 treatment
In many cases, we cure using medicine for influenza virus. Other than treatment with medicine, enough rests are important.

Preventive point

We know 1 infection course, and let's do prophylaxis!
We talk, and virus be included in sneezing and small quiet (spray) to produce when we cough, and people nearby breathe in the spray in mouth and nose and infect virus. (droplet infection)
Person who touched in thing with such a spray by hand touches by hand own mouth and nose and may infect virus. (contact infection)

  • Brisk hand-washing using soap and a cough etiquette are effective for the influenza prevention.

  Measures (Yokohama-shi public health center) not to suffer from influenza
  A cough etiquette (Yokohama-shi public health center)

Let's rest during period with 2 infection power!
For about one week, virus is exhausted after developing and may transmit influenza to other people. In infants in particular and people whom immunity decreases, we may get longer a little during period to exhaust virus. When we suffer from influenza, we take a rest slowly, and let's reduce opportunity to meet people.

Until "pass by the school hygiene security method on (being hit by the infant 3rd) on 2nd from the next day when heat also fell down after five days after having developed" during suspension of attendance period is based.

3 will vaccinate!
We can prevent aggravation by inoculation of influenza vaccine.

  • When doctor judges that inoculation is possible, six months after birth or more people can inoculate influenza vaccine.
  • Of the first grade equivalency for people 65 years or older, heart, kidney, respiratory organs, function of immunity person of impaired 60-64 years old is eligible person of inoculation for fixed period.

  About periodical inoculation of influenza vaccine in Yokohama-shi (Yokohama-shi public health center)

When we thought that yourself, family might have suffered from influenza,

Timing of 1 consultation
When we thought that minor in particular and elderly person might have suffered from influenza, let's consult medical institution by all means.
When signature of aggravation is seen, please consult medical institution as fast as possible.

Signature of 2 aggravation
 ≪In the case of minor≫

  • When breathing is fast, and there is painful state
  • When symptom of dewatering appears without being able to take moisture and meal (more than half day, urine does not flow)
  • We make convulsions, and reaction grieves at appeal
  • When we repeat abnormal behavior, abnormal behavior
  • When symptom was prolonged, and it turned worse

 ≪In the case of adult≫

  • There is shortness of breath that breathing is hard
  • Chest pain continues
  • When symptom was prolonged, and it turned worse
  • When when we have slight fever and lingering respiratory symptom in the case of elderly person in particular, there are not spirit and is dead tired

Seven points when we make 3 nursing (medical treatment)!
①We are absent enough, and let's fix environment to be able to take moisture.
②You will finish taking prescribed medicine as ordered.
(we may transmit viruses left in body to other people after symptom improved.)
③Person to contact will put on mask.
④Let's share room spending time with other people as much as possible.
⑤Pregnant person, person with chronic disease will avoid contact as much as possible.
⑥After having nursed, let's wash hand with soap well.
⑦Room will ventilate for opening window several times a day.

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