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About new influenza

Final update date December 26, 2019

H1N1 influenza is a completely new type of influenza that humankind does not have immunity. At present, it is said that the influenza of birds, which are prevalent in Asia, will mutate to spread among people, causing a new influenza.
Since no one has immunity to the new influenza, it is thought that once it spreads, many people become infected and become more severe. Also, if a new strain of influenza occurs somewhere in the world, it can spread quickly around the world.
Get the right knowledge about measures against pandemic influenza.

Basic knowledge of influenza
What is the difference between cold and flu? What should I do to prevent influenza? First of all, let's acquire basic knowledge of influenza.
Attention to influenza infection (PDF: 420KB) We have compiled measures to prevent influenza and how to deal with infections.

About cough etiquette (PDF: 262KB) What is "cough etiquette"? Let's try cough etiquette to prevent infection.

~ Brochure for citizens and businesses ~ "Practice now! Published New Influenza Countermeasures!

Yokohama City formulated the "Action Plan for New Influenza and Other Measures" in December 2013, but issued a pamphlet summarizing the points to make it easier for citizens and businesses to understand the contents of the action plan. did!
In this pamphlet, you can use it from now on, such as how to respond after the outbreak of the new influenza and how to prepare for the new influenza! Please take a look at it once and proceed with preparations for the outbreak.
In addition, we have created an English version, so please use it for training at business sites.

~ "Easy Japanese Version" New Influenza Countermeasures ~

About development of "measures action plan such as Yokohama-shi new influenza"

Regarding the measures against pandemic influenza in Yokohama City, since the Yokohama City New Influenza Countermeasures Action Plan was formulated in December 2005, it has been several revisions to this day, but it was enforced on April 13, 2013 Based on the "Special Measures for Measures against Pandemic Influenza (External Site)", the plan was revised and the "Yokohama City New Influenza Action Plan" was formulated.

- Yokohama-shi new influenza measures action plan (H30.4 revision) (PDF: 1,244KB)
- Summary version (PDF: 301KB)

Kanagawa Prefecture New Influenza Countermeasures Action Plan (H25. August) (PDF: 825KB)
Government Action Plan for New Influenza (H25.6 Month) (PDF: 922KB)

Start of operation of registration system on the Internet WEB for specific vaccinations based on the Act on Special Measures against Pandemic Influenza

A system for Vaccinations (Specific Inoculation) for healthcare professionals in the event of a new strain of influenza, etc., according to the Act on Special Measures against Pandemic Influenza (hereinafter referred to as the Special Measures Law) enacted in April 2013. Was established. Hospitals, clinics, Pharmacy, Home-visit Nursing Station, Midwifery, Dental Clinic (hereinafter referred to as “Medical Institutions, etc.”) in FY2013 (January to March 2014) and FY2016 (October 2016 to March 2017) ) To apply for registration.
-Medical institutions that have already registered-
■If there is no change in the registered contents, no special procedure is required.
If there is a change in the registered contents, please check the registration guidelines (external site) and complete the change procedure on the system.
If you have any questions, please contact the following contact (Help Desk) regarding the operation of the specific vaccination management system.

[Change requirements] (Specific vaccination home-page: Registration application for specific vaccination (medical field) Q & A (outside site)
If the following changes are made, a notification of the change is required.

  • Items to be announced (registration application company name, business type, business name and location)
  • Number of registered persons (limited to those with an increase or decrease of 5% or more)
  • Contact information (Phone number-mail address
  • Vaccination Implementation Medical Institution Information (Inoculation Implementation Medical Institution Name, Location and Phone number)

※If the system cannot be changed, a written notification of change will be submitted to the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.
-Specific vaccination-related websites and inquiries-

-Contact for specific vaccination management system operation (Help Desk)-

  • Inquiries by e-mail [email protected] (9:00-17:00 on weekdays)
  • Inquiries by TEL 03-6311-8199 (9:00-17:00 on weekdays)

1 With specific inoculation
Vaccinations will temporarily provide the following persons in the event of a new influenza outbreak based on Article 28 of the Special Measures Law.
・"A business that provides medical care or contributes to the stability of people's lives and the national economy and has been registered by the Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare."
・Public servants involved in implementing measures against pandemic influenza
≪Points to note≫
・Registered businesses are obliged to make continuous efforts to provide medical care even in the event of a new strain of influenza. (Article 4, Paragraph 3 of the Special Measures Law)
・The actual target of the specific vaccination, the total number of vaccinations, and the order of vaccination are determined and determined by the Government Headquarters after the outbreak of the new influenza. Therefore, even if you are registered by the Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare, you are not necessarily eligible for specific vaccinations.

2 Registration requirements for specific vaccinations (Please check if you are applying for a new registration.)
In order to be eligible for registration of specific vaccinations, the following requirements (1) and (2) must be met.
(1)Being a company that conducts business listed in the "Registration Guidelines for Specific Vaccinations (Medical Fields)".
When a pandemic influenza occurs,
1 Provide medical services for new influenza
Provision of medical care for double and urgent life protection
※Excludes hospitals and clinics, which does not provide insurance for beauty salons, is excluded.
(2)Create a medical continuation plan in the event of a new strain of influenza.
※In the Government Action Plan for New Influenza and Other Measures, all medical institutions are required to create a medical continuation plan.
≪About preparation of business (medical treatment) continuation plan≫
- About making of business (medical treatment) continuation plan at the time of outbreak of new influenza (notice on January 17, 2014) (PDF: 228KB)
- To the dental clinic (notice on March 19, 2014) (PDF: 206KB)
<Reference materials, etc.>
- For clinics
"Continuing medical treatment plan in case of outbreak of new influenza (draft)" (Japanese Medical Association created version) (outside site)
- Non-floor clinics, Small and Medium-sized Hospitals
Guide to making a medical treatment continuation plan in the event of a new influenza outbreak (outside site)
- For large-scale, medium-sized hospitals
"Guide for drafting measures against pandemic influenza in medical institutions" (outside site)
- Pharmacies
"Examples for making business continuity plans (draft) for pharmacies in the event of a new influenza outbreak" (Created version by the Japan Pharmacists Association) (outside site)

※For home-visit nursing stations and midwifery offices, please refer to a guide for non-floor clinics.

3 Others (Please check if you are applying for a new registration)
If a pharmacy, home-visit nursing station, midwife, or other facility other than its own facility is to be a vaccination-implemented medical institution, a cooperative system will be established with the vaccination-implemented medical institution regarding the implementation of the specific vaccination, and a memorandum of understanding on the specific vaccination system will be issued. You need to exchange.

About development of inhabitants inoculation guidelines based on the Act on Special Measures against Pandemic Influenza

In March 2016, Yokohama City formulated the “Guidelines for Inoculation of Residents Based on the Act on Special Measures against Pandemic Influenza” based on the Yokohama City Pandemic Influenza Action Plan.

- Resident vaccination guidelines based on the Act on Special Measures against Pandemic Influenza (PDF: 883KB)

<Resident vaccination>
This is a Vaccinations by municipalities to residents based on the Act on Special Measures against Pandemic Influenza when a pandemic influenza occurs in Japan and a declaration of an emergency such as a new influenza is made.

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