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Last update date May 18, 2020

About correspondence of examination of Yokohama-shi HIV, syphilis with procession of "emergency declaration"

About examination of weekdays day (Health and Welfare Center) HIV, syphilis

 We cancel acceptance of reservation for the time being.
 About person who already made a reservation, we are going to carry out inspection. For details, of each ward Health and Welfare Center please refer.

About examination of HIV, syphilis night on Tuesday

 We cancel conduct of inspection ... for the time being on Tuesday, April 14.
 In addition, we perform only result response on Tuesday, April 14. After Tuesday, April 21, it is called off including result return.

About Saturday and Sunday HIV same day inspection

 We cancel acceptance of reservation for the time being.
 In addition, inspection of Sunday, April 12 was called off by procession of emergency declaration. I apologize for the inconvenience, but, to all of you who made a reservation, we would appreciate your understanding.


2,000 people receive examination of Yokohama-shi syphilis every year!

 Reports of syphilitic increase nationwide.
 Without symptom, we may be infected. Let's be examined.
  ⇒ Flyer about syphilis (PDF: 2,742KB)

Inspection summary

We perform examination of HIV and consultation acceptance [free of charge, anonymity] in each ward Health and Welfare Center.

  • We would like Health and Welfare Center, telephone consultation to Health and Social Welfare Bureau, inquiry at the next time.
    From Monday to Friday 8:45-12:00/13:00-17:00 (excluded for holiday, New Year holidays.)
  • We would like inquiry about contents of inspection, Saturday inspection, Sunday inspection by night to Health and Social Welfare Bureau health security section. (TEL045-671-2729, FAX045-664-7296)
  • As for (from December 29 to January 3) such as holiday, New Year holidays, we are absent. In addition, it may be called off by stormy weather.
  • About venue needing reservation, come after reservation, confirmation over telephones by all means.
  • It is blood test.
  • When HIV does not pass (as for the syphilis more than six weeks) more than three months from day when we had worry, accurate test result may not appear.
  • We cannot issue certificate because it is examination of anonymity.
  • We will tell the person about result of inspection directly one week after principle. (we cannot tell by telephone, mail and e-mail.)
    ※The next week of inspection day, as for the cases such as holiday, New Year holidays, result may take 1 week or more. (we tell at the time of undergoing an examination.)

2020 inspection venue inspection (PDF: 223KB)

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Telephone: 045-671-2729

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