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New coronavirus infection control (to citizens)

Final update date April 1, 2021

The "About New Coronavirus Infectious Diseases" page has been renewed. This page contains information on new coronavirus infectious disease countermeasures for citizens.

If you have a fever or other symptoms, please call a medical institution in advance.

 It is difficult to distinguish between the new coronavirus infection and the seasonal influenza and cold (cold), which are prevalent every year, based on symptoms alone.
 In order to be able to respond in any case, the medical institution where you are consulting needs to prepare before the consultation and adjust the time with the patient with other symptoms.
 If you have symptoms such as fever, cough, sore throat, general malaise, etc., please cooperate to make sure to contact the medical institution before consulting.
Basic consultation flow (2021 / 4 / 1) (PDF: 125KB)

Consultation method when we are worried about infection with new coronavirus

Specifically, please see page of "about consultation counter about new coronavirus infectious disease (call center)".
※Before consulting, be sure to consult a medical institution by phone.
At night (mainly after 17:00) and on holidays, information on medical institutions that can conduct tests for new coronavirus infections (conducted if deemed necessary as a result of a doctor's consultation) may be provided after the next day.
 If you are unable to wait for a consultation after the next day, such as when the symptoms are strong or gradually worsening, consult a medical institution in advance and consult an emergency medical institution. Please take measures such as requesting.

Please contact Yokohama-shi new coronavirus infectious disease call center (Phone: 045-550-5530) for consultation and consultation about new coronavirus infectious disease. It is available 24 hours a day.

Consultation in case of sudden illness, guidance of emergency medical institution

If you cannot wait for a consultation to Consultation hours, the next day of your GP, etc.
Please confirm medical institution which consultation is possible on Medical Care Bureau website for medical institutions that (Be sure to consult a medical institution by telephone before consulting.)

About preventive measures

As of November 2020, cases of new coronavirus infection have been reported around the world. In order to prevent infection, in addition to basic preventive measures such as "frequent hand washing with running water", "alcohol disinfection of fingers when hands cannot be washed immediately", and "cough etiquette" such as wearing a mask, about 2m It is effective to practice "securing social distance" and "appropriate ventilation".

New coronavirus infection control video

Prevention of Yokohama FC and new coronavirus infection!

Alcohol disinfection of fingers

If your hands cannot be washed immediately with running water, it is effective to use an ethanol (alcohol formulation) for disinfection at a concentration of 70-95%.

Precautions for safe handling of alcohol for disinfection (Fire Bureau-use Alco

What is cough etiquette?

When you have symptoms such as coughing or sneezing, this is a measure to prevent droplet infection to people around you by wearing a mask or holding down your mouth and nose with a handkerchief.

Reference materials

How to wear and remove a mask

Wearing by a person with a cough or sneeze can prevent droplets (scatters such as sneezing).

How to wear a mask

  1. I'll put the tip of the nose up.
  2. Fits nostrils at the nose to spread pleats.
  3. Fits the nose to the nose. I try to cover the whole nose.
  4. Stretch your mask pleats and cover your mouth and nose.
  5. Finished.

How to remove the mask

Cover and remove rubber and strings, and discard them without touching the surface of the mask. Don't forget to wash your hands after you remove them.

Handwashing method

Handwashing Method 1
Lather soap and rub your palm, back of hand, between fingers and fingertips.

Handwashing Method 2
Wash as if twisting your finger. I also wash my wrists. Wash and wipe off.

Handwashing Method 3
Disinfect your fingertips, back of hands, palms and wrists with ethanol.

A video of how to wash hands

Information on infectious disease countermeasures to citizens

We make poster about news and request to citizens from Yokohama-shi. (We will also publish those created by countries and prefectures.)

New coronavirus infection poster (yellow) Basic measures against infectious diseases
Information on basic prevention methods and consultation desks for the new coronavirus.

Please use the poster download (PDF: 9,998KB) and share it with familiar people.

About setting of simple sample collection point

What is a simple sample collection point?

It is a place to collect samples necessary for the PCR test.
The simple sample collection point is designed to be collected by a family doctor after making an advance reservation. In addition, the location is not disclosed from the viewpoint of preventing the spread of infection, ensuring safety, and ensuring privacy.
※Please note that samples cannot be collected even if you come directly to the installation location.

Eligible persons

Applicable to those who are suspected of being infected by a family doctor and are to go to the test.
In addition, in order to prevent the spread of infection, samples are collected while riding a car, so it is intended for those who can come to the office by private car etc. driven by the person or family.
※Even if you cannot prepare a private car, etc., we will prepare a transfer vehicle in Yokohama City, so please consult your GP.

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