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To citizen's all of you ask (new coronavirus connection)

Last update date October 13, 2020

About request to person enjoying watching sports

We settle that we want you to be careful in the case of watching sports.

As for the detailed instructions, please see thing announcing in each competition group.
J League: (the outside site)
The Nippon Professional Baseball: (the outside site)

It is before visit

1. Poor physical condition when worry, with courage of visit see, and please examine laying upon.
 We may widen infection from 2 days before onset. In time and closeness to feel that we are ill-conditioned
 When it was infected and needs, please restrain yourself from visit.
2. Please devise even transportation until visit to avoid dense o.
 We will utilize route which is not crowded as much as possible.
3. Please confirm manner at the time of watching games beforehand.
 As for the detailed instructions, please see thing announcing in each competition group.

In venue

4. During support, I would like spray measures.
 As for the breathtaking support with mask. Let's refrain from loud voice and choruses.
5. We are not careless at the time of eating and drinking in venue either.
 We turn and drink and avoid common use of chopsticks and do not talk while we take off mask.
 Let's keep finger clean.
6. We take distance in rush hours at the time of entrance, leaving
 As, at the time of time awaiting entrance of stadium and leaving after game, doorway is easy to become dense,
 We take distance according to instructions of venue, and let's moderate conversation.

After the watching games

7. We confirm place of seat
 It is helpful in the case of emergency when we do with position of seat near at hand so that field of activities in stadium confirms later.
8. Even as for the parties after game being careful
 Crossing avoids loud voice and chorus, shoulder.
 We take distance and sit down. You will share contact means with partner of the dinner, and please devise measures including (to contact later.).
9. Observation healthy as for two weeks
 If we wear mask at the workplace or school, and suspicious symptom comes out, family medicine is familiar after telephone notification beforehand 
Please consult medical institution.
 There is the news that person of watching games of the same game had infected person, and, at verge such as there being symptom, please talk with public health center as needed nearby.

Even every day

10. Attention at the time of eating and drinking
 As we take off mask by all means, attention in particular is necessary. Please take the following measures.
 ・We check cleanliness of finger before meal.
 ・We sit in slant house opposite and take distance.
 ・We turn and drink and do not use chopsticks and tableware in common. Of platter dishes is careful to serve.
 ・We do not talk in state taking off mask. We do not talk towards food.  
 ・We refrain from mass drinking (to speak loudly, and to avoid act out of the manner)
11.Anytime hand in cleanliness
 Quantity of virus attaching to finger is only running water hand-washing 15 seconds; 1 per 100,  
 We just perform running water hand-washing 15 seconds after the washing under running water in soap, hand soap for ten seconds and decrease to 1 per 10,000.
 When hand cannot wash under running water immediately, please do invention such as utilizing 70-95% of alcohol disinfector.
12. Prevention of infection is important even for everyday life simply because we participate at opportunity when many people gather
 We lower infection risk as each one takes measures, and environment creation which we can watch a game of safely is important.

Your cooperation is a support to support Yokohama by team in players. I would like cooperation by all means.

About request for disguise events of October 30

To person looking forward to 10/30 disguise please.

At night to swell in disguise, let's protect the body from new coronavirus in hand-washing, mask, distance!

 Possibility to move to other people begins on 2 days before onset.
 It may become clear today that person who spent happy time together is infected several days later.
 Please take the following measures.
①When physical condition is poor, we do not go out.
②We think about enjoying by SNS or online banquet.
③When we meet people, we wear mask and take distance (around 2m).
④Even the dinner wears mask on conversation and keeps equidistance to sit in slant house opposite
⑤We keep cleanliness of finger diligently
⑥We can contact verges such as poor physical condition later
  (secretary grasps contact information)

(3) About scene of five that infection risk is sublimed into (information for Cabinet Secretariat material)

About "five scenes" where infection risk increases (the Cabinet Secretariat public announcement)

 As we were announced about the situation that "cluster" is easy to occur on the Cabinet Secretariat homepage as "five scenes", about the spread of new coronavirus infectious disease, we guide from experience that analyzed the nationwide situation.
 Because opportunities when people gather in usual including New Year holidays increase, we would appreciate your noting for prevention of infection spread.
 For more details, look at "five scenes where infection risk increases" (the Cabinet Secretariat HP) (the outside site).

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