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About "Frequently Asked Questions" about New Coronavirus Infectious Diseases

Final update date April 1, 2021

About answer to opinions about "new coronavirus infectious disease" (from April 16, 2020)
We have you send many opinions about new coronavirus infectious disease from citizens now. We will take your opinions seriously and reflect them in future work as much as possible, but it is currently difficult to respond individually. For this reason, those with many opinions will be released as "Frequently Asked Opinions and Questions" in order, and will be replaced with individual answers to the opinions received. We appreciate your understanding and understanding.
Frequently Asked Questions of the Past (See also here)

In addition, about consultation about new coronavirus infectious disease,
We accept in "Yokohama-shi new coronavirus infectious disease call center".

tel: 045-550-5530
It is available for 24 hours from December 1, 2020. (Including weekends and holidays)

In addition, the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare has published materials on the current situation regarding the new coronavirus infection.
In order to further reduce the occurrence of the new coronavirus infection, citizens should also see the latest knowledge.
Please take proper measures.

Eleven knowledge about the "now" of the new coronavirus infection (published on March 5, 2021)
[Table of Contents] Please open the PDF (PDF: 2,923KB) for the answer.
1.How many people have been diagnosed with a new coronavirus infection in Japan?
2.How many people have been diagnosed with a new coronavirus infection who are severe or die?
3.What kind of people are diagnosed with a new coronavirus infection and are likely to become more severe?
4.Are there more people diagnosed with new coronavirus infection in Japan than overseas?
5.Until when can a person infected with the new coronavirus infect another person?
6.How many of the people diagnosed with a new coronavirus infection are infected with others?
7.What kind of situations do I need to be aware of to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection?
8.What are the tests for diagnosing a new coronavirus infection?
9.How do you treat a new coronavirus infection?
10.What kind of vaccine is the new corona vaccine that began vaccination? How will the vaccination proceed in the future?
11. Please tell me about the mutation of the new coronavirus.


Q1 What should I consult if I think I might have been infected with the new coronavirus?

A1 ※Please consult a medical institution by telephone before consulting!
 If you have any symptoms of suspected infection, we will adjust and introduce your consultation destination.
 If you have no symptoms, (If you are told by a close contact and a public health center, or if there is a possibility of close contact)
(Including) Basically, for two weeks from the day when there is a possibility of infection or the last contact with the infected person,
Unless necessary for daily life, unnecessary and urgent outings (including commuting and commuting) self-restraint and health observation (fever, cough, respiratory symptoms, etc.)
Please check daily).

 << In any case, if you think there is a possibility of infection, please cooperate with us to refrain from going out urgently.>>

- If you have any worrisome symptoms, first consult your GP or the nearest medical institution by phone.
In particular, if you have an underlying disease and have any worrisome symptoms, please contact us as soon as possible.

If you do not have a family doctor or cannot take a medical examination due to a medical examination, etc.,
If you have a cold-like symptom such as fever, cough, or sore throat, or if you have no symptoms but are worried about infection, you may be infected.
Please talk with "Yokohama-shi new coronavirus infectious disease call center: 045-550-5530" (24 hours correspondence).

If necessary, provide medical treatment for a new coronavirus infection.
I can guide you to a medical institution.
After 17:00 and on holidays, the number of medical institutions that can be guided is limited, and information may be provided after the next day.
 If you need to consult in a hurry, consult an emergency medical institution after consulting by telephone in advance, or in the case of emergency, in particular, emergency transportation.
Please take measures such as requesting.
- If you have no symptoms but want to consult or want to know about a new coronavirus infection,
As you accept consultation in "Yokohama-shi new coronavirus infectious disease call center: 045-550-5530" (24 hours correspondence), please use.

Q2 Will everyone become more severe when infected?

A2 From the previous examples, the number of elderly people is more severe.
In addition, it is generally said that many people have underlying diseases such as diabetes, malignant tumors, chronic lung disease, and chronic kidney disease.
On the other hand, children and young people are more likely to be mild or asymptomatic.
In any case, it is important to prevent infection. First of all, let's make masks and hand washing firm.

Q3 When is the virus susceptible to infection?

A3 If you develop symptoms associated with a so-called infectious disease, such as fever or cough similar to a cold, or abnormal taste or smell,
The peak is before and after the onset, and the period from 2 days before the onset to about 10 days after the onset is considered to be a period during which other people may be infected.
For this reason, we may ask you to contact your organization (school, workplace, etc.) or facility.

Q4 How do you judge whether or not you are a close contact?

A4 Public health centers conduct interviews with the infected person and his / her family, and make comprehensive decisions based on the views of doctors and others.
The contents described in the National Institute of Infectious Diseases Infectious Disease Epidemiology Center "Guidelines for Active Epidemiological Surveys for New Coronavirus Infectious Diseases" are as follows.
[Definition of a close contact] If the following range is met among those who came into contact during the infection period of the patient
・Patients (confirmed) who have had living together) with the patient (confirmed)
・Person who consulted, nursing or cared for patients without proper infection protection
・Person who may have directly touched contaminants such as airway secretions or body fluids of the patient
・A person who has been in contact with the patient for at least 15 minutes without the necessary infection prevention at a distance that can be touched by hand (approximately 1 meter).

Q5 What should I do if infection is confirmed in my home, acquaintances, friends, etc.?

A5 For those who have been newly infected, a public health center will conduct an epidemiological survey, and as a result of the survey, it will be a close contact.
If you are judged, you will be contacted by your nearest public health center, so please follow the instructions of the public health center.
 Even if there is no contact from the public health center (The epidemiological survey is based on the declaration of the infected person, so the infected person will provide name and contact information.
If you do not know or do not remember the behavior history, even those who may be close contacts will not be able to contact you.
In some cases. ) If you believe that the risk of infection is high in light of the requirements of Q4, consult your local health center.
(In the case of Yokohama City, "Yokohama City New Coronavirus Infectious Disease Call Center: 045-550-5530 (24 hours))
 ※Please ask※
 If you think there is a possibility of infection, basic health observation for two weeks from the date of contact and wearing a mask, etc.
We ask that you take thorough measures against infection and cooperate in avoiding unnecessary and urgent outings.
 If an infected person appears at home, refer to the following information from the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare to prevent infection at home.
- Precautions in the home when there is a person suspected of being infected with the new coronavirus (collected by the Japan Society for Environmental Infectious Diseases) (external site)

Q6 Will people with no symptoms be infected?

A6 In general, in the case of viral infections that cause pneumonia, etc., when the symptoms appear most strongly,
It is thought that the possibility of infecting the virus to others is the highest.
 However, in the new coronavirus, infection may spread before symptoms become apparent.
Experts have pointed out and research results, for example, in Taiwan's research, a new corona
It has been reported that viral infections are the most infectious before and after the onset, including before the onset.
It's done.
 Therefore, it is necessary to take a distance between people (social education: social distance), and to go out.
Wearing masks, cough etiquette, hand washing with soap, hand disinfection with alcohol, ventilation
Please take care of general infectious disease measures such as such and health management such as taking enough sleep, and work on prevention.

Q7 Where can I get an inspection?

A7 The CR test (or antigen test) prescribed by the Act on Confirmation of Infection is a returnee, a close contact, or a close contact.
 This is done for those who suspect that there is a possibility of infection as a result of a doctor's consultation.
As a result of a doctor's consultation at a returnee from an endemic area or a close contact of an infected person, or at a consultation destination, it is necessary to have an examination.
If you are diagnosed, you will be tested by one of the following:
① Examination at a medical institution (family doctor)
② undergo an examination at another medical institution introduced by a medical examination institution
③ Tested at a drive-through sample collection site introduced by a medical examination institution.

In any case, a reservation is required for medical treatment and examination. (We cannot accept urgent consultations or requests for examinations only.)
In this case, it is an administrative inspection (positive judgment based on the Infectious Diseases Law), and the examination fee is free, but consultation fee and initial consultation fee etc.
The cost of a regular consultation will be borne by the counter.
If you do not have a family doctor or cannot receive a medical examination outside of medical hours, etc.,
Please consult at the Yokohama City New Coronavirus Infectious Disease Call Center (tel: 045-550-5530 24 hours).

Q8 I want to be tested to confirm that I am healthy (negative).

A8 For those who want to confirm that they are negative, such as when working or studying abroad, at their own request
Some medical institutions conduct PCR tests (antigen tests).
However, unlike administrative inspections, there is no application of employee health insurance City, so you will have to pay for it in full, unlike administrative inspections.
As we announce about medical institution performing inspection at own expense on Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare homepage, please refer to.
- List of inspection organizations that provide self-funded inspections (outside sites) (in the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare website)

◆Inspection, hospitalization, accommodation and home care

Q9 Does it cost money to take a PCR test (antigen test)?

A9 Inspection of insurance coverage as an administrative inspection is free of charge because employee health insurance inspection is free of charge for the inspection of insurance as an A9 administrative inspection.
However, for medical treatment before examination, self-pay will be incurred as normal medical treatment.

Quotation from the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare website (

Q10 Although the examination should be free, a consultation fee was required at the window of the medical institution.

A10 In the case of administrative inspection, the inspection fee for the PCR inspection (antigen inspection) is free because public expenditure assistance is provided.
However, as for the medical treatment to determine the necessity of the examination, the initial consultation fee and consultation fee will be charged as well as the normal consultation.
In addition, if a doctor determines that it is necessary and performs a CT or X-ray examination, the examination fee will be charged separately.
Please ask the window of the medical institution for details on the breakdown when the cost is charged.

Q11 How much does it cost to be hospitalized for a new coronavirus infection?

A11 The period during which you are hospitalized for the treatment of a new coronavirus infection (the length of hospital stay with a recommendation for hospitalization until the infection disappears)
As a general rule, hospitalization medical expenses as a general rule, but if the total income percent of the municipal inhabitant tax of the household exceeds 564,000 yen, we ask for a burden of up to 20,000 yen per month.
In addition, selective expenses for individuals incurred during hospitalization, such as TV usage fees, pajamas, linen fees, amenities, room charges (so-called differential beds), etc. will be borne by the patient.

Q12 If I find positive, do I have to be hospitalized immediately?

A12 According to the provisions of the Infectious Diseases Law, in principle, we will cooperate in isolation treatment to prevent infection.
 The place of medical treatment is for those with moderate or higher symptoms, the elderly, those with severe self-illness, pregnant women, etc., taking into account the need for priority hospitalization.
However, after the positive judgment is notified to the person, a public health center such as the place of residence will contact you about the medical treatment place from the day to the next day.
 When deciding on a medical treatment place, besides the medical condition, there are circumstances that make it difficult to be hospitalized at a medical institution or medical treatment facility due to reasons such as child care or nursing care, or at home.
As we confirm whether medical treatment environment is in place, please cooperate with hearing of public health center.
(In order to listen efficiently, we may ask you to enter the input form in advance.)
For more information, please contact the public health center.

Q13 Do I have to be hospitalized if I get positive even in mild or asymptomatic cases?

A13 In the case of mild or asymptomatic symptoms, evaluate the possibility of severe illness and consult with a public health center about your wishes and medical treatment environment.
You will be required to recuperate at home or at an accommodation facility.
For more information, please contact the public health center.

Q14 Where will accommodation be accepted? What are the precautions when staying or recuperating at home?

Q14 The accommodation facilities are operated in cooperation with the prefecture in the Kanagawa model.
 About accommodation medical treatment facility running now, we guide in "about medical treatment of asymptomatic, mild person (outside site)" (Kanagawa homepage).
 Please refer to the general flow of accommodation and home care and guidance on precautions.

Shouldn't all Q15-positive patients be hospitalized?

A15 For those who have been infected with the new coronavirus infection, evaluate their age and underlying diseases, etc., and those with severe symptoms or those with severe symptoms.
We will guide you to hospitalization from those who are likely to become more severe.
 In the Kanagawa model promoted with the prefecture as a response to accommodation and home medical treatment, at homes and accommodations over the age of 40,
For those who are recuperating, we lend a pulse oxymeter that measures the oxygen concentration in the blood free of charge.
 By measuring in daily health observation, we are trying not to overlook the sign of illness.
 If you feel unwell during home medical treatment, we will provide guidance on consultation and switch to in-patient medical treatment as necessary.

Q16 We want home care recipients to distribute supplements, avigans, and ibelmectin from the city.

A16 For so-called supplements, therapeutic effects of diseases on the human body have not been confirmed.
We expect that you will be prepared accordingly.
 In addition, avigan and Ibelmectin have already appeared in the market as prescription drugs, but they have a new type of coronyl infection.
The effect of the treatment is being confirmed and has not been approved.
 When administering prescription drugs, it is necessary to consider both individual medical conditions and effects and side effects.
Please understand that it is prescribed by the doctor's professional judgment.

◆About disinfection

Q17 Where do you disinfect if a corona patient occurs at a store, office or facility?

A17 Employers, facility managers, etc. will have to go.
 When disinfecting,
・Disinfect common areas of facilities and places where fingers touch well.
・Before starting work, open windows and doors and operate ventilation fans to provide sufficient ventilation during work.
・Disinfectants on the market are used according to their concentration and usage.
・When using sodium hypochlorite, dilute it to a concentration of 0.05% to 0.1%, soak it sufficiently in a clean cloth or paper towel, wear gloves and wipe off the place you want to disinfect.
Please keep this in mind.
<Reference> About disinfection, disinfection method of new coronavirus (Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Consumer Affairs Agency special page) (external site)

Q18 When asking a company, how much does it cost to disinfect?

A18 Since it depends on the structure and size of the facility, we cannot answer it in general.

Q19 How long does disinfection work? How many times should I do it?

A19 Disinfection is effective once performed properly. If you have any questions about disinfection methods, please contact each ward's Health and Welfare Center disinfection methods, etc.Health Sanitation Division.
<Reference> About disinfection, disinfection method of new coronavirus (Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Consumer Affairs Agency special page) (external site)

◆When traveling abroad,

Q20 What should I do if I need a "negative certificate" for overseas travel?

A20 In the inspection of insurance coverage performed as an administrative inspection, no inspection is performed to confirm or prove negative. In addition, health centers have negative shades.
We do not issue documents to confirm or prove. Please consult with each embassy.
Regardless of the doctor's diagnosis, PCR tests are conducted in free medical treatment for those who are going to be tested at their own request, etc.
I have a medical institution.
As we announce about medical institution performing inspection at own expense on Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare homepage, please refer to.

- List of inspection organizations that provide self-funded inspections (outside sites) (in the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare website)

Q21 I plan to return from my foreign stay. When returning to Japan, what is the quarantine?

A21 The response varies depending on where you stay.
For more information, please check the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, or check with the embassy in each country.

Q22 Is it tested for heat when entering Japan or quarantine?

A22 For quarantine, please check the websites of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.
<Reference> Q & A (Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare Home Page) on Fundamental Strengthening of Waterfront Measures (external site)

Q23 When I entered Japan, I received a PCR test at the time of quarantine. When do I know the test results?

A23 I'm sorry, but I don't know at the public health center. Please contact the quarantine station that has been inspected.

◆Responses at business sites and companies

Q24 What should I do with new coronavirus measures at offices and companies?

A24 The “Basic Policy on Measures against New Coronavirus Infectious Diseases” revised on May 4, 2020 (determined by the New Coronavirus Infectious Disease Control Headquarters)
As a result, each affiliated organization is to promote voluntary efforts to prevent infection, such as creating guidelines for each type of business and facility.
<Reference> List of Guidelines for Prevention of Infectious Diseases by Industry (Cabinet Secretariat HP * Press the pink link on the right side of the screen) site)

Q25 What should I do if my employee becomes positive?

 The health center will contact the positive person, and at that time, report to the office, company, etc. that the new coronavirus infection has been diagnosed.
We will guide you and conduct an epidemiological survey to prevent the spread of infection.
 If an employee who is found to be positive has been to work two days before the onset, check for the presence of a close contact and contact the close contact.
We will guide you to the inspection. (There is no legal employment restriction except for those who are positive, but the date of contact with the positive person at the end
For two weeks, ask for self-restraint and health observation (check daily for fever and cough symptoms). )
 Due to the increasing number of infected people, employees regularly observe health and wear masks, and if they are unwell,
By refraining from going out and calling out to see a GP as soon as possible, even if the person infected at the workplace is found, further infection will occur.
It is possible to prevent enlargement.
 In the work environment, it is also effective to disinfect the place where moderate ventilation and unspecified number of people touch frequently.
 Please review the environment of the cafeteria, smoking area (if any), hot water supply room, washroom, etc. from the viewpoint of infection control.
※ When disseminating information within the office, please consider the privacy protection of positive employees.
Thank you again.

Q26 If an infected person comes out of the company, should it be announced on the website?

A26 There are no laws or regulations, so it will be decided by the establishment or company.

Q27 Do public health centers not disclose Name of the facility where infected people have come out?

A27 Publication of Name of the facility public health center when we can grasp range of possibility of infection by hearing interviews from A27 infected person.
I will not. However, if there is a possibility that the infection will spread, such as when the person who may have come into contact with the infected person is not known,
We may announce Name of the facility City to alert you to prevent the spread of infection.

Q28 How do you determine whether or not you are a close contact?

Please refer to A28 Q4.
  In addition, when positive person comes out in other offices in office where we move in such as joint building, close contact is performed.
Even if there is a possibility of action, it may not be possible to identify an individual name in a self-reported survey.
 Please be careful to take measures to prevent infection in common areas such as cafeterias, smoking areas, and hot water rooms.

Q29 What happens when an employee becomes a close contact?

A29 Rich contacts are more likely to be infected than those who do not. Therefore, from the viewpoint of preventing the spread of infection,
The public health center will provide guidance on tests and, regardless of the test results, will be 14 days from the date of last contact with the positive person.
I have to wait at home. (Depending on the timing of the test, it may be judged negative even if infected.
Please wait at home during the incubation period. )

Q30 Should employees other than close contacts wait at home?

A30 We do not ask anyone other than the close contact to wait at home from the public health center.
It will be decided by the office and the company.

◆About Contact Confirmation App (COCOA)

Q31 Contact Confirmation App What is COCOA?

A31 Based on the consent of the user, we do not know each other using the proximity communication function (Blue Tooth) of the smartphone.
You can be notified of the possibility of contacting a positive person with a new coronavirus infection by ensuring privacy.

Q32 How to use COCOA and points to keep in mind?

A32 Please check the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare website.
<Reference> Q & A for users of contact confirmation apps (Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare website) (external site)

Q33 I was contacted and alerted by a positive person on the COCOA line. What should I do?

A33 Check the contact date specified in the alert (the date when it is considered to have come into contact with the patient).
If the contact date is within 2 weeks, regardless of symptoms, unless necessary for daily life, from the date of contact notified.
Please refrain from unnecessary and urgent outings (including commuting and commuting) for two weeks and observe your health.
If you have any consultation, such as fever or other symptoms during the health observation period,
Please contact "Yokohama City New Coronavirus Infectious Disease Call Center: 045-550-5530" (24 hours).
For those who wish to have a test, we will guide you to a medical institution that can be consulted. (You must make an appointment for your consultation.)
In addition, as for the medical treatment to judge the necessity of the inspection, the inspection fee will be treated as an administrative inspection, so the inspection fee will not be paid by yourself.
You can receive it, but as with regular consultations, you will be charged a first consultation fee and a consultation fee. Be sure to bring your health insurance card with you when you visit.
In addition, if a doctor determines that it is necessary and performs a CT or X-ray examination, the examination fee will be charged separately. Please understand.
If the contact date is more than two weeks ago, there is no need to undergo an immediate inspection because the period of health observation has passed. Please keep your attention to infection control.

◆Information Disclosure

Q34 About outbreak situation of new coronavirus patient in Yokohama-shi, we want you to announce location wards.

A34 Regarding information disclosure in the event of an infectious disease, Article 16, Paragraph 1 of the Infectious Diseases Law states, "Actively disseminate information necessary for prevention and treatment.
On the other hand, paragraph 2 of the same article states, "In publishing information, we must protect personal information.
It must be noted that the city must keep in mind that, based on this concept, the city will refer to the publication of the country and prefecture and refer to personal information.
We announce with consideration.
 At first, regarding the publication of the number of patients to be distinguished, consideration should be given to the privacy of patients and reputational damage to the area.
There was, but, based on increase of the number of infected people in the city afterwards, we publish the cumulative distinction occurrence situation on Motoichi homepage after April 10.
We will update it about once a week, so please check it.

We want you to announce the number of patients in Q35 distinction every day. Is there a particularly high risk of infection in wards where the number of ward patients increases?

The occurrence of A35 patients varies from ward to ward due to geographical conditions and the occurrence of clusters.
Motoichi homepage based on the fact that there is a possibility that it will lead to the identification of individuals by making announcements every day while there are wards with few patients.
The status of distinction is generally updated approximately once a week.
The number of distinguished patients is, in principle, based on their resident certificate's in principle, in principle, different from the information indicating the current location and the location of the infection.

Q36 We want you to announce the name, characteristics, countermeasures, etc. of the case where the cluster occurred.

A36 Regarding information disclosure when an infectious disease occurs, "information necessary for prevention and treatment" according to the provisions of the Infectious Diseases Law.
It has been announced that there is a risk that the use and traffic of specific areas, facilities and transportation will increase infectious diseases.
When we judge that there is, we announce the information as city.
 In addition, about publication of Name of the facility is made when it is difficult to identify a close contact person in a facility where the user cannot be identified.
When outbreak of mass infection (cluster) is suspected by, we announce Name of the facility) is suspected.
 Given concerns about the privacy of patients and reputational damage to the area, when publishing individual information,
We will continue to pay attention to the protection of personal information and respond accordingly.
 As a result of cluster analysis, the government has set up a social gathering with drinking, eating and drinking for a large number of people and a long time, and a conversation without a mask.
We are calling for attention as "five scenes" where the risk of infection increases regarding "shared living in a small space" and "switching to a place".
 - Cabinet Secretariat URL: (external site)
Even if a cluster occurs, it is important to take thorough basic infection control measures to prevent the spread of infection.
Frequent hand washing, cough etiquette including wearing a mask, and prevention of droplet infection by saliva due to facing each other and not sitting, etc.
We ask that you secure a distance of about 1-2m (social distance) and provide appropriate ventilation.

Q37 We want you to announce the symptoms of the mildly ill in the press release.

A37 For details of the symptom column described in the attached document of the press release document, the state at the time of diagnosis is described.
For mildly ill people, it may be difficult to distinguish between symptoms caused by the new coronavirus infection and symptoms due to chronic illness.
Due to multiple opinions regarding the description of symptoms other than at the time of onset, specific symptoms have been canceled.

Q38 I want people infected to be announced by nationality.

A38 Information is disclosed when an infectious disease occurs, taking into account both the spread of infection and personal information, referring to the contents announced by the national and prefectural governments.
Nationality is not subject to disclosure because it cannot be distinguished from temporary travelers or residents.

◆Inspection System

Q39 Regardless of the presence or absence of symptoms or the risk of infection such as close contact, we would like you to have a free test as many times as possible. We want anyone of specific occupation, group, facility resident to inspect at public expense.

A39 It is important for those who are suspected of being infected to carry out the PCR test efficiently.
If you have not traveled to an endemic area or have no history of close contact, you will need to confirm the possibility of other diseases, so your GP will be required.
Information on consultation at general medical institutions. As a result of the consultation, if the doctor deems that the examination is necessary by comprehensive judgment,
The system allows you to guide the inspection in a familiar place, and the self-pay for the inspection at this time is free.
If you are worried about infection, please consult your local medical institution first.

Q40 If the symptoms do not become severe, do you not test?

In carrying out the A40 inspection, based on the standards set by the government, it is said that it falls under a close contact by a public health center survey.
In addition to conducting tests for those who are judged and those who require a doctor as a result of consultation with a family doctor, etc., hospitals, schools, schools, etc.
If the risk of infection is considered to increase, such as in facilities for the elderly, a wide range of tests are conducted as necessary.
For this reason, more than 90% of those newly confirmed in the city are mild or asymptomatic.

We want you to announce medical institution carrying out Q41 examination on the Internet and be able to receive medical examination freely.

A41 If you wish to have a consultation with a cold-like symptom, if you have no travel history or close contact history, including the possibility of other diseases,
Because it is necessary to confirm, we will first guide you to have your family doctor or other nearby clinics to consult for a consultation.
If you do not recognize the medical institution you are consulting with, at the call center of the prefecture or city, you will receive a medical institution that has received prior consent.
We will guide you individually, but the medical treatment system of medical institutions that cooperate and the number of patients that can be accepted vary depending on the facility.
 In order to prevent the spread of infection, the medical institution where the consultation is conducted prepares before the consultation and coordinates visits with those who are consulted with other symptoms to prevent the spread of infection.
You need to do it.
Those who have not been able to adjust medical institution consultations by publishing places so that anyone can view them are preparing for medical institutions.
In order to avoid confusion in the medical provision system, such as consulting a hospital directly after hours, we will not disclose the name.
Thank you for your cooperation.

Q42 Do you not carry out inspection for citizens all at once?

A42 The negativeness of the test results only indicates the negativeness at the time of sample collection, has a large population, and has a lot of movement from surrounding prefectures.
In Motoichi, it does not indicate that it will continue to be negative. In addition, the current test method is limited and positive.
Even so, there are a certain number of people who have negative results, so the infection is based on close contact history and comprehensive judgment based on a doctor's consultation.
Inspections are conducted mainly for those who are deemed to be highly likely.

Q43 I want to know where the inspection can be carried out at my own expense. What is the inspection cost? If the result is positive, is there a public expenditure subsidy?

A43 Inspections conducted at the request of the individual, regardless of the judgment of the public health center or doctor, are performed to prevent the spread of infection.
Because it is different from administrative inspection, we do not guide in public health center.
There is no particular rule on the cost, and it can be set freely.
There are various methods of testing, and it is acceptable to use it for diagnosis on the presence or absence of infection except for tests based on consultations with public health centers and doctors.
Because it is not possible, even if the result is positive, it may be necessary to have a new administrative inspection.
(Please check with the inspection company in advance.)
Regardless of the test results, all test costs will be borne by the applicant.
Because it is difficult to understand the fees, quality of tests, and post-test responses of medical institutions and testing institutions that undertake self-inspections.
It has been announced since January 2021.
- List of inspection organizations that provide self-funded inspections (outside sites) (in the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare website)

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