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Plan to follow food safety

Last update date March 31, 2020

They devise "every Yokohama-shi food hygiene monitoring instruction plan" that reflected opinion from citizens based on regulations of food hygiene law Article 24 in the year to ensure the security with relief for civic meal in Yokohama-shi, and offer, food of information about food inspect on-the-spot inspection of relations business facility and food based on this monitoring plan.

2020 Yokohama-shi food hygiene monitoring instruction plan

Emphasis business of 2020 plan

  1. Food hygiene measures in megathon

Because holding is planned by the Tokyo 2020 Olympics Paralympics in the competition facility of Motoichi, many tourists visit the city, and it is anticipated that we use the accommodations and commercial facilities. Therefore we perform on-the-spot inspection beforehand in the accommodations and commercial facilities and perform instruction for food poisoning accident prevention.

In addition, we find food safety in event by confirming on-the-spot inspection, hygiene state of game venue and the neighboring food handling facilities as measures at the time of the Olympics holding.

  1. Correspondence to the revised food hygiene law including HACCP (HACCP) introduction promotion

The food hygiene law was revised in June, 2018 to secure food safety in correspondence with environmental change or globalization to surround meal.
In reference to manuals which Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare releases, advice to business facility instructs to promote introduction of hygiene management along HACCP institutionalized in June, 2020. We support inspection of hygiene management by performing confirmation of record or confirmation of HACCP system inspection about manufacturing industry of food which has already worked on HACCP.

In addition, we publicize to company about contents of other law revision.

  1. Food poisoning measures caused by meat

In late years there is much Campyrobacter food poisoning caused by chicken dishes which life and heating are inadequate for and occurs. In addition, we may suffer from serious symptom when uncooked meat such as beef may be polluted by enterohemorrhagic Escherichia coli, and food poisoning occurs.
Prevention of secondary pollution to enough heating of meat or other food is important to the prevention of these food poisoning. Therefore we perform monitoring instruction of restaurant providing meat which life and heating are inadequate for chiefly. We teach that enough heating is necessary to meat store in total to give information to consumers.

We give information to citizen's all of you to eat after heating meat enough.

  1. Food hygiene measures such as social welfare facilities

Many patients occur in usual, and food poisoning due to norovirus makes large scale in facilities cooking elderly person facility, nursery school, large quantities in particular, and attention is necessary because it is easy to be aggravated. Because norovirus has many examples to spread through cooking worker including subclinical infection, we teach advice about health care of worker and thorough hand-washing, the appropriate handling method of food.

In addition, we confirm food allergy about mixture preventive measures in elementary school and the nursery school to have possibilities to cause serious symptom when allergen gets mixed with food with slight quantity and carry out inspection of cooked food.

  1. Promotion of appropriate indication of food

We carry out inspection of allergen and nutrition ingredient of circulating food to confirm the appropriate nature of nutrition ingredient indication that is source of information who is important to prevention of health hazard and health promotion due to food allergy.
In addition, we teach to company for thorough indication based on new indication standard that is completely transferred from April 1, 2020 through on-the-spot inspection or class.

We give information to citizen's all of you about viewpoint and inflection method of indication.

Downloading of 2020 Yokohama-shi food hygiene monitoring instruction plan

At cover, the beginning table of contents (PDF: 1,061KB)
Inspection (PDF: 806KB) such as on-the-spot inspection and food
Promotion (PDF: 876KB) of voluntary hygiene management
Promotion (PDF: 735KB) of reporting, exchange of opinions (risukukomyunike-shon) by consumers, companies such as food and the government
Monitoring group, institute for health (food hygiene relations) specialized in food, duties (PDF: 817KB) of examination of market hygiene place
The conduct system of monitoring instruction, the cooperation system (PDF: 613KB) of monitoring instruction

Separate table 1-6 (PDF: 542KB)
Main monitoring instruction item based on the separate table 1_ food hygiene law
Separate table 2_ main food group, monitoring instruction item according to food supply process
On-the-spot inspection plan for facility based on the separate table 3_ food hygiene law
Regulation of business of separate table 4_ food chicken processing and on-the-spot inspection plan based on law about examination of meal bird
Examination for separate table 5_ plan (conduct organizations)
Examination for separate table 6_ plan (inspection contents)
Term explanation, contact information (PDF: 512KB) of department concerned

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