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To all of you made medical treatment for new coronavirus infectious disease

Person undergoing medical treatment thinks that it is felt great in unusual life. We gather up that it is for hint to usually keep health of mind including change of possible mind and the actions to be taken in different life.

Last update date October 14, 2020

What we want to know

In limited life, various changes may happen to heart and body. Most are temporary stress reactions, and many people recover naturally with time. It knows what kind of change happens beforehand, and therefore it is effective to know that it is possible to keep health of mind.

Change of heart

・Concentration disappears
・We do not feel motivated
・We are irritated
・We feel loneliness and loneliness
・We feel anger and anxiety
・We are worried about trifles
・We become worried about physical condition and work, the future
・Fear that thinks about the worst situation, and does not calm down is strengthened
・We feel that you must do your best more than required
・We blame oneself and another person
・Feelings do not spring out and feel like someone else's problem

Change of body

・Have no appetite
・We overeat ourselves more than usual
・We cannot readily sleep
・We wake up many times
・Hand shakes
・Heart throbs
・There are headache, diarrhea, constipation, nausea, tiredness of body
・We are worried about disorder of body


Hint to keep health of heart

Let's keep life rhythm

We introduce that it becomes hint in life.
・We open curtain and take light of day
・We spend time by window even if not gone out
・We ventilate environment that we can ventilate positively
・We move the body in a short time (yoga, stretch, light exercises)
・We avoid nap (nap of time late particularly in the afternoon)
・It prevents you from taking blue lights such as smartphones one hour before going to bed
・We sleep at the fixed time

Let's have family and friend, communication with acquaintance

Through telephone and video call, SNS, let's maintain connection even if we cannot meet directly.
・Let's have time with person who can talk in peace
・Let's tell neighboring people without hiding feelings, and suppressing
・It is all right by method that it is easy to do even if method to convey is not telephone

*Invention * that yourself can do it
・We ask saying "you may talk now"
・We tell against oneself wanting you to do
・We say, "thank you for listening to story"

Let's try to switch feeling

We perform own favorite thing for change in room, and let's have time to be relaxed. The following thing may become hint.
・We read
・We write diary
・Puzzle play a game
・We do exercise to be possible in the room such as yoga, stretch, exercises
・We do growth and deep breathing
・We fix appearance on day not to meet people
・We keep humor in mind (effective in softening anxiety and irritation just to laugh at kusu tto in daily life)

Let's take information and appropriate distance

Information that it is too a lot may cause anxiety and worried feeling more than required.
・We decide decided time, number of times and see news
・We adopt information correct as possible
・It prevents being solid information, or thinking well and from being swung around


Signature that you should be careful about

When it might be like next, let's talk with experts without overdoing it.
・State that almost none of the sleep gets continues for days
・Tears do not stop for anxiety or sorrow
・We cannot control own feeling and are hard
・We do not feel like doing anything without thought advancing earlier
・We injure own body and break article
・We are confused and become hopeless

Person undergoing medical treatment will talk with immediate supporter.
When we have annoying symptom after medical treatment, please consult with living ward Health and Welfare Center.

Consultation counter for undergone medical treatment

Of new coronavirus infectious disease waited by accommodation medical treatment facility and home is asymptomatic, and counselor making a specialty of about stress and anxiety by medical treatment life of mild accepts consultation.

Health consultation window (Yokohama-shi) of heart to undergone medical treatment

■Consultation period: Until the end of March, 2021
■The reception desk date and time: Every Wednesday, Friday from 14:00 to 16:00 (it becomes correspondence only for Reception hours)
※From November, it is from 14:00 to 16:00 on Friday on Wednesday every Monday.
■Phone number 080-4884-6540
(we can talk by anonymity)

Trouble telephone consultation (Kanagawa) of heart

■Consultation period: Until Wednesday, March 31, 2021
■Reception hours: Until from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 17:00
■Phone number 0570-024302 (dial for exclusive use of people with slight illness of ※ new model coronavirus infectious disease)

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