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For those who are being treated for a new coronavirus infection

I think that those who are undergoing medical treatment are having a hard time in a different life. It summarizes tips for maintaining mental health, such as mental changes that can occur in a different life and how to deal with them.

Final update date April 27, 2021

What you need to know

In a restricted life, various changes may occur in the mind and body. Many are temporary stress reactions, and many recover naturally over time. Knowing what changes will occur in advance and knowing what can be done is effective in maintaining mental health.

change of mind

・I lose my concentration
・I can't get motivated
・I'm frustrated
・I feel lonely and lonely
・I feel anger and anxiety
・I'm worried about trivial things
・I am worried about my physical condition, work and future.
・Thinking of the worst situation, it's getting restless and fearful.
・I feel I have to work harder than I need.
・blame yourself and others
・I feel like I'm going to get out of my emotions or feel like someone else's affairs.

change of body

・I have no appetite
・I eat more than usual
・I can't sleep easily
・I wake up many times
・My hands tremble
・My heart is pounding.
・I have headache, diarrhea, constipation, nausea and physical laxity.
・I'm worried about my physical condition.


Tips for maintaining mental health

Let's keep our daily rhythm.

Here are some tips for your life.
・Open the curtains and bathe in the sunshine.
・Even if you can't go out, spend time by window
・Actively ventilate the environment where ventilation is available.
・Move your body even for a short time (yoga, stretching, light gymnastics, etc.)
・Avoid taking a nap (especially taking a nap late in the afternoon).
・One hour before going to bed, do not take a blue light such as a smartphone.
・sleep at a fixed time

Let's communicate with family, friends and acquaintances.

Even if you can't meet directly, stay connected by phone, video call, SNS, etc.
・Let's have time with people who can talk with peace of mind.
・Don't hide or control your emotions and tell others around you.
・The method of communicating is okay with a method that is easy to do without calling.

*A device that you can do yourself *
・Asked, "Can I talk now?"
・Tell the other person what you want to do.
・"Thank you for listening to me."

Let's try to change your mind.

Have time to do what you like and relax in your room to change your mind. The following may be a hint:
・do reading
・write a diary
・play puzzles and games
・Exercise indoors, such as yoga, stretching, gymnastics, etc.
・grow and take a deep breath
・Even on days when you don't meet people, you'll be ready to take care of yourself.
・Try to be humorous (even laughing in your daily life has the effect of relieving anxiety and frustration)

Get an appropriate distance from the information.

Excessive information can cause anxiety and anxiety more than necessary.
・Determine the time and number of times and watch the news.
・Use as accurate information as possible
・Don't think about reliable information and think about it.


It's better to be careful to sign.

If you have any of the following, do not overdo it and consult an expert.
・Sleeping hardly lasts for many days
・Tears can't stop because of anxiety and sadness.
・It's hard because I can't control my feelings
・I don't feel like doing anything because my thoughts don't go ahead.
・You hurt your body or break things.
・I can't help being confused.

If you are undergoing medical treatment, consult a nearby supporter.
If you have any worrisome symptoms after recuperation, please consult your ward Health and Welfare Center.

Consultation Desk

*From April 2021 Phone number and Reception hours changed since April 2021.
■Reception hours: Monday to Friday (excluding holidays) from 13:00 to 17:00
■Phone number: 03-6276-0096 (* Mental troubles for those who are recuperated at home or accommodation and medical facilities, families, etc.)

Mental Health Consultation Service (Yokohama City)

■Mental health welfare consultation in each ward Elderly and Disabled Support Division reservation system)
 Weekdays (8: 45-17: 00) * For Phone number City be checked in the list of consultation counters. 
■ Mental telephone consultation (Phone: 045-662-3522)
 Weekdays (17: 00-21: 30), weekends and holidays (8: 45-21: 30)
 *The consultation time is about 20 minutes. In principle, we do not accept continuous consultation.

Mental care information related to new coronavirus infection

Information site of Kanagawa heart (Kanagawa) (outside site)
Information on mental care and consultation windows in the prefecture is posted.

Reference Information

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