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It is health ... of ... new model coronavirus infectious disease and heart to all of you working in medical institution, welfare facilities

 We think that scenes feeling stress unusual on the site that the situation turns into every day increase. As for maintaining work and life, strain state may continue while assuming infection risk of oneself and family than we imagine by oneself. We gathered up that it was for hint to keep health of mind including possible mental and physical change and the actions to be taken to be able to protect oneself in such situation even a little.

Last update date September 11, 2020

Mental and physical change that we want to know

 We may hesitate about judgment in the unusual situation while there are a sense of duty and pride as supporter and may feel that oneself cannot carry out expected role and responsibility. We have a sense of guilt towards oneself such, and occupation identity may shake. Reaction of stress may not come out immediately. Symptom may come out after time passed. Most are temporary stress reactions, and many people recover naturally with time. At first, we will pay more attention to present own state.

Change of heart

・Is irritable, is irritated
・We feel anxiety to be strong
・We are arrogant/that feeling drops
・Feeling, feeling of ineffectualness to blame oneself become strong
・Thought is not unified
・We cannot bring ourselves to talk with anyone

Change of body

・We wake up in the middle when falling asleep is bad
・We have headache, nausea, stomach pain
・Appetite came off or overeats ourselves
・We always feel heavy without getting fatigue
・We cannot solve strain

Let's know present own state (stress check)

■ To maintain health of heart of person engaged in for new coronavirus infectious disease correspondence (the Japanese Red Cross Society); (the outside site)
  : It is stress check to grasp present own state. (homepage attachment 2)

■ Ear (new coronavirus infectious disease measures) of heart (Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare) (the outside site)
  : Consultation counter, self-care, stress check are published.

■ Heart navigator Kanagawa (Kanagawa) (the outside site)
  : We visualize stressor.

Can do it for oneself

 Thing divided by trouble is very important enough by oneself. As far as, in now when on-the-job mental load increases, can do it; oneself divided by trouble please act.

Can do it in everyday life

・We are conscious more than usual, and let's take meal, moisture, sleep. Let's go to restroom
・We will have time irrelevant to work even if short
・Let's take being conscious of rest
・Let's make time to be relaxed (reading, massage to watch talking movie carrying out a light activity listening to music)
・It becomes easy to sleep when we take a bath with hot water about 40 degrees dozens of minutes before we sleep (we become sleepy as temperature that went up by 1 degree falls)
・Let's pay more attention whether we got fatigue patiently even if we cannot sleep as expected
・We are relaxed by always doing the same movement before sleep and become easy to get ready to sleep. (in book changing into its night clothes drinking bathing, water reading
 We write mu, stretching diary)

Can do it in the workplace

・We will support with co-worker, the boss
・Let's share feeling with people in same situation
・Let's sometimes share feeling with person with different viewpoints
・We praise each other, and, go imasho, complaint will sometimes vomit, too
・Let's take being conscious of rest
・We share annoyance producing as reality, and let's arrange
・When we are necessary, let's ask the workplace for support without reserve

Can do it for health of heart

・In own work, we understand thing and risk that there is objectively, and let's evaluate
・Let's take own feelings plainly
・Apart from own feelings, it will be sometimes good to look objectively
・We feel difficulties, and let's call for help to family and friend, neighboring people when we fell into anxiety
・Let's try method when oneself got over hard time in the past
・Let's praise own work

What you should avoid

・When own personal trouble and needs are worthless, shut up forcibly
・Depend on alcohol, smoking, medicine as escapement from stress
・You do not take break, and work excessively until you are fatigued
・Undertake responsibility and work beyond range enacted by oneself
・You consume caffeine before sleeping, and look at TV and smartphone

Such a signature is to watch out

 When there is influence in everyday life and work in the following state, please think about consultation to expert and consultation of medical institution.

・We do not get sleep enough (we see nightmare to come out of eyes early, and not to sleep enough to wake up on the way that falling asleep has bad)
・We cry and do not stop
・Something is wrong with the stomach and intestines that slight fever continues (diarrhea or constipation), and something is wrong with body such as feeling sick
・Have no appetite, do not feel that is delicious, got thinner
・We are exhausted on holiday and cannot move
・We feel a feeling of depression and irritation when we prepare for attendance and are hot
・We cannot control own feeling
・We injure own body and break article
・Is unusual, and mistake by work continues, cannot concentrate on the work without being able to concentrate.

■ "Health of new coronavirus infectious disease and heart" (health consultation center of Yokohama-shi heart)

■ "New coronavirus infectious disease and dependency" (health consultation center of Yokohama-shi heart)
■ To "all of you undergone medical treatment for new coronavirus infectious disease" (health consultation center of Yokohama-shi heart)
<reference >
 The Japanese Red Cross Society 
 toraumatikku stress association homepage in Japan


When we thought about consultation

◎Inquiry about infectious disease, please identify Yokohama-shi special page.
■ Consultation to industrial physicians in the workplace will conjugate, too.
■ We may establish consultation desk in health insurance union of participation.

We look for hospital with Psychiatry, psychosomatic medicine

Trouble consultation counter of heart by influence of new coronavirus infectious disease

Consultation counter (the whole) about health of heart

■ Ward Health and Welfare Center (ward office) which lives :It is 5:00 p.m. from 8:45 a.m. on weekdays
                      (other than telephone consultation, we perform interview in reservation system)
■ Telephone consultation (health consultation center of Yokohama-shi heart) of heart :Telephone 045-662-3522
                              It is from 8:45 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. on/celebration holiday at 9:30 p.m. from 5:00 p.m. on weekdays                                      
                             (consultation time is about 20 minutes. We do not accept continuation consultation)

Information about health of new coronavirus infectious disease and heart

■ To maintain health of heart of person engaged in for new coronavirus infectious disease correspondence (the Japanese Red Cross Society); (the outside site)
  : Stress check (homepage attachment 2), leaflet (homepage attachment 3) to the coping staff, person of correspondence nota
  menidekirukoto (homepage attachment 5) is published.

■ Japan toraumatikku stress association (the outside site)
  : Care of heart, care of actions to be taken, child and family, feelings coping program of the medical treatment staff are published.

■ Examination matter (WHO) about mental health during COVID-19 outbreak of and psychosocial influence (the outside site)
  : The public, healthcare worker, leader at team, protector, caregiver, under isolation, message to each are published.

■  Health maintenance (CSTS, Department of Psychiatry, Uniformed Services University) of healthcare worker during coronavirus and other infectious disease outbreaks of (the outside site)
  : We are published about self-care such as rest, meal, how to get communication.


■ National mental health welfare center long meeting "disaster supporter guide - body and care ... of heart" (the outside site)
  : It is guide about care of heart at the time of disaster, but "mental health of the staff, supporter" from P10 affects new coronavirus infectious disease
  Even correspondence serves as a reference.

■ Ear (new coronavirus infectious disease measures) of heart (the outside site)
  : Mental health such as advice, consultation counter from expert, stress check, self-care, specialized information from associated academic conference, life related information
  We are assigned to this, and general information is placed.


Information for the bereaved support

■ Disaster gurifusapotopurojiekuto "bereaved support under the new coronavirus infectious disease fashion" (the outside site)
  : Leaflet of "to support children who experienced in death of spouse " is kei "helping family and the bereaved" "message toward the bereaved"
  It is done sai.

■ Disaster gurifusapotopurojiekuto "vague loss" information site (the outside site) 
  : It is website established taking the opportunity of the Great East Japan Earthquake. Hint supporting is published.

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