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About stop-at-home

Last update date October 2, 2019

Annoyance that "stop-at-home" has

It is defined with "state that we evade social participation (attendance at school including compulsory education , working including part-time service job, association out of the home) as a result of various factors and continue almost remaining in principle in for six months or more in home" in guidelines on country.
Annoyance by that varies even if we say "stop-at-home". After "pro-, being dead, "it is old, and legs weaken, and voice, it may be is asked about which I should do what" by long-term care state" "we are sick" "wanting you to go out somewhere" from family. On the other hand, according to the person staying indoors, it may be hurdle with high anxiety and expectation of the family.

State is various

Scene of social participation gets narrow by various factors not the name of disease with "stop-at-home", and place of life except home lets you do state lost for long term. But going out routinely to convenience store is, and state is different individually if there is person who almost stays indoors in home.

Cause and opportunity are various, too

"Stop-at-home" is not thing that by being possible for anyone, is special. If thing, human relations that were not able to adjust to truancy and the workplace are horse stakes, or that what it became is a chance is, that disease including mental disease causes is. We may stay indoors without being able to dissolve stress having well. Therefore we can regard to stay indoors as necessary rest for the person.

Without holding in families

There is not almighty plan that is effective for anyone, but as the neighborhood including family devises way of holding and relation distance with the person, way of appropriate correspondence, the situation often changes little by little.
Please consult with expert without holding only in families.

Consultation of Motoichi

[local consultation (ward Health and Welfare Center)]
☆ Consultation - life support section about work and life
☆ Consultation (under 18 years old) of pubertal child including truancy
 Children and Families Support Division (child, home support consultation)
☆ Consultation - Elderly and Disabled Support Division about psychiatric practice and the welfare

[young stop-at-home]
Yokohama-shi Youth Guidance Center (Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare "stop-at-home area support center")
 We almost accept various consultation of young people under 40 and the family from 15 years old, but accept primary consultation about stop-at-home regardless of age.

Health consultation center "telephone consultation of heart" of Yokohama-shi heart
 On holiday, we accept consultation about health of heart and give information as needed by night about appropriate consultation organization.

Column "feeling of the person and family"

Even if family worries with "... whether our child is stop-at-home", the person may not think oneself to be "stop-at-home".
"Oneself is not stop-at-home because we go to convenience store to buy juice."
"We talk with nobody because we talk with other people by online game. As it is not necessary to go out, we do not just appear."
"Oneself is different from stop-at-home now though we go to school and do not work because we worked part-time just a little while ago"
In this way, there is person thinking that oneself is different from stop-at-home.
On the other hand, "is the present state by any chance stop-at-home? But we do not want to think so." Thinking, "we know, but one step cannot readily step forward to going out, and having to work." comes. In addition, "we hate for family when it is said what we understand." "How will family think of oneself such? I am sorry; as for that is; may think. In this way, feeling of the person varies, too.
In addition, even if the person does not feel with stop-at-home, family
"We may not come back to society all the time as it is"
"We may not go out throughout the life if we do not remove cause that stayed indoors"
This may be worried about. However, as family
"We will watch quietly now because it is time when rest is necessary."
When "parent says in various ways, does the person get rid of motivation even more?
But there are various feelings what should do?.
 Feeling of the person varies, too, and feeling of family varies, too. In addition, as for the feeling that each feels, plural contradicting feelings are mixed as well as one. When we do not focus on either, one one feeling and understand that various feelings exist to people at the same time, it may be useful for deepening each other's understanding.

Immediate person became "stop-at-home" (Heisei, Saitama February, 2014 issuance)
Is troubled with none of the stop-at-home; ...
(Kanagawa Pref. Youth Center Main Building young people support section May, 2012 issuance)

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