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Health of new coronavirus infectious disease and heart

Last update date April 21, 2020

Our stress accompanied with change of life

With extended prevention of new coronavirus infectious disease, it is in a situation that self-restraint of various activities is demanded. With change of life such as work, school, going out, hobby, as for us, mind and body are subjected to stress together. Are irritation, depression, lachrymosity, drop, inappetence of will not caused? It is stress reaction that most are temporary, and many people recover naturally with time.

However, serious mental problem may remain when it does not lead to appropriate medical care and care when case that stress is prolonged and personal psychological shock are intense. What kind of thing should we be careful about to follow health of heart?
[leaflet] Health (PDF: 449KB) of new coronavirus infectious disease and heart

To keep health of heart

WHO (World Health Organization) announced advice to follow health of heart on March 18, 2020. We decide that there is usually, and the following thing is listed.

  • Let's take distance with social media (SNS) driving anxiety as much as possible. Please pay more attention to information such as the government and local government, reliable expert.
  • At decided frequency, we will check the latest information 1 to 2 times a day if possible for seeing decided homepage. It is useful for reducing anxiety to obtain right information.
  • We protect own body, and let's contact people in circumference with consideration. It is important to cooperate in family and community living own life. It will prevent you from standing alone without quitting connection with neighboring people.

In family having child

  • Please allow child to express own anxiety and fear by method depending on the degree of age and growth. Child talks about own uneasy feeling and can get security by having you hear.
  • It is important to patternize daily life regularly as possible. It leads to security that daily routines are decided. In addition, we exercise in environment that avoided the inside and crowd of house if possible and will make working time to move body which there was to the child.
  • When child feels anxiety and stress, we do in the way that we want protector to mind and may take action such as saying, and annoying selfishness. This is extremely natural thing. Please make opportunity to talk what you worry about what child feels anxiety in about the present situation.
  • Children observe how protector copes in such situation. When we were in trouble, protector will talk with the neighborhood or expert of care of heart without reserve when it is uneasy. It is connected in giving child security with that alone to regain calmness for adult having somebody hear story.

To person visiting a hospital for treatment

  • It is not necessary to restrain itself at a stretch, and, about going to hospital to hospital, let's decide ambulatory frequency in consultation with family doctor. You do infection prophylaxis such as avoiding mask and hand-washing, crowd, and please visit a hospital for treatment. It talks with reliable neighboring people, and it leads to security and hope to make prospect.


Mental health and psychosocial considerations during the COVID-19 outbreak

Consultation counter of Yokohama-shi about health of heart

We are hard to talk in such situation in particular, and it is said that there is trouble of health of heart even if it is easy to stand alone.
Citizen's person having a problem, please feel free to contact without holding alone.

Information about health of heart

To person holding trouble of dependence such as games in alcohol, drug, gamble

Information about new coronavirus infectious disease

We place information of related organizations such as news or Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare from Yokohama-shi about new coronavirus infectious disease.
Look at (Motoichi homepage) about "information about new coronavirus".

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